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The Largest Independent Automotive Research Resource
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Content Marketing Is More Successful Using Sites That Offer 100% Advertiser-Analogous Editorial Content. No Cookies No Problem Here, Our Topic Determined Audience Bypasses Search Engine Relevance Uncertainties


Content Marketing Is More Successful Using Sites That Offer Advertiser-Analogous Relevant Editorial Content.

The Auto Channel Online Since 1996, Is The Mother-road Of Interactive Multi-media Automotive Interest Websites.

The Auto Channel's "Walled Garden" Of topic relevant connected content is of interest to visitor's who are searching for "The Complete Story":

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  • DIY'ers
  • Automotive Educators

TACH FACTS: Monthly audience approximately 645,000, 85% North America, 65% Male 35% Female; Professionally Curated Multi-Media Automotive Content library 950,000 pages, 100% indexed and cross referenced.

Value Advertising Rates 1Q 2024, 2Q 2024

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Why Advertise On The Auto Channel? Eliminate Incomplete and Inaccurate Web Search Results By Searching The Auto Channel, A Focused Content Channel And Automotive Data Hub


SEE ALSO: Eliminate Google Invisibility - Force Google Search To Return A Link To The Exact Information You Are Seeking, Just Add Quotation Marks Around Your Search Term

Co-Founder's Note: Hmmmm, Data Research Hubs are now VC HOT!, well this time we were only 25 years in front of the curve. We foresaw the day when there would be so much content on the web that a search engine's results could not be fully unbiased, accurate or satisfactorily complete.

So 25 years ago, before Google Search and simultaneously with Yahoo Indexing, our founding team designed as the Automotive Research Hub, a Focused Content Channel...a platform that could successfully meet the challenge in our search engine-less vision of the future...a content repository and distributor system that would thrive in the future's Beyond Search Engine world.

Our Automotive Data Research Hub, The Auto Channel, functions as a massive content silo, eliminating a need for an enterprise level web wide search engine. TACH delivers relevant information without an advertising based search tool because it only had to search within our single subject Focused Content Channel. This interactive on-line entity would easily, inclusively and accurately sift through a main library quantity of curated automotive content, while providing users exact results, plus provide them with an opportunity to discover relevant and amplifying "SEE ALSO's", links to data and editorial information that user's did not even know existed.

This positive relevancy and amplification would expand the user's subject knowledge by providing a true bibliography of relevant automotive content without the inefficiency, bias and advertising-influenced web wide SERP's.

Our team's, web futurist guru Steve Arnold (You gotta read his stuff) sent me a link to MarkLogic a company that is built on the idea that single subject Data Research Hubs will become important in the Beyond Search future of the web, the very vision that our team has and brought to reality over the past 25 finally VC's agree with us and see the value of "Single Content Verticals" and thought it worthy enough to fund to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

MarkLogic offers products that can be used to build single subject verticals, "Data Research Hubs", software that builds a Data and Content Repository that is easy to build and maintain... kind of like The Auto Channel, but without the 25 years it took us to refine the back-end to contain, index, retrieve and distribute millions of pages of automotive content.

Here is what MarkLogic has to say about their Pharma Research Hub, a Focused Content Channel.

The MarkLogic’s Pharma Research Hub is a single pane of glass that provides easy access to the widest possible array of R&D data available. Whether it’s publications, authors, genes, or drugs — structured and unstructured, public and private — it’s all made available through the Pharma Research Hub. Because data is integrated 10x faster than with custom-developed solutions, users get faster access to more data. And, delivered as an enterprise cloud service, it deploys in minutes with no IT management burden and has a level of security and scalability that other solutions can’t match.

We here at The Auto Channel couldn't agree more...our 25 year old effort to make The Auto Channel the web's Automotive Content Vertical continues on.

Our competitive position is secure as potential competitor's business models are "lead generation and classified listings" which prevents them from economically transforming into an editorial based Automotive Data Hub.

The Auto Channel currently remains the web's primary single channel to acquire relevant automotive content. Utilizing our 25 years of in-house developed software, programs and tools we prove everyday that we have the secret sauce to economically collect, publish and distribute automotive data and content to every flavor of automotive interested user.

So what is this pre-amble to our Focused Content Channel position below all about?

It's always nice to be able to pat ourselves on the back and shout "we were right"...but now we need to acquire like-minded investors to help elevate The Auto Channel, our self-funded 25 year old "Automotive Research Hub", so it can grow into the billion dollar business it was designed to be.

We are happy to discuss your thoughts and answer your questions.

Bob Gordon and Marc Rauch
The Auto Channel
Mobile 502 386-8316
916 296 5470

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  • Content Determined Viewer Silos provide a shortcut to data by offering a route that bypasses search fatique, by delivering on the promiose that virtually every in-silo annotation leads to a welcome relevant result

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PRIVACY HERE - No cookies, no lead gathering bird dogs: car research is too important for tik-tok; No "tatt" monster "reviewers" here, no nose rings, no fast talking scary characters, no selling just telling in a professional experienced and measured way. Car Content Attracting Car Interested Viewers On The Auto Channel...What A Concept!

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News From AAIW 1999 Industry Week

2000 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show

2000 NAIAS - North American Intl. Auto Show, Detroit, MI

2000 New York International Auto Show

2001 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show

2001 NAIAS - North American Intl. Auto Show, Detroit, MI

2002 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show

2004 NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show)

2005 Chicago Auto Show

2005 Detroit Auto Show

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2006 North American International Auto Show, Detroit

2007 Alt Car Expo

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2007 Detroit Auto Show

2007 New York International Auto Show

2007 Tokyo Motor Show

2007 Tokyo Auto Show

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2008 Los Angeles Auto Show

2008 North American International Auto Show

2008 New York International Auto Show

2008 Paris Motor Show

2008 SEMA News

2009 Chicago Auto Show

2009 Frankfurt Motor Show

2009 Geneva Motor Show

2009 Los Angeles Auto Show

2009 North American International Auto Show

2009 New York International Auto Show

2009 SEMA News

2009 Tokyo Auto Show

2010 Chicago Auto Show

2010 Geneva Motor Show

2010 Los Angeles Auto Show

2010 North American International Auto Show

2010 New York International Auto Show

2010 Paris Motor Show

2010 SEMA News

2010 Washington DC Auto Show/EDTA

2012 Chicago Auto Show

2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

2011 Geneva Motor Show

2011 Los Angeles Auto Show

2011 North American International Auto Show

2011 New York International Auto Show

2011 Tokyo Auto Show

2011 Washington DC Auto Show/EDTA

2012 Chicago Auto Show

2012 Geneva Motor Show

2012 Los Angeles Auto Show

2012 North American International Auto Show - Detroit

2012 New York International Auto Show

2014 Paris Motor Show

2013 Chicago Auto Show

2013 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

2013 Geneva Motor Show

2013 Los Angeles Auto Show

2013 North American International Auto Show - Detroit

2013 New York International Auto Show

2014 Chicago Auto Show

2014 Los Angeles Auto Show

2014 North American International Auto Show - Detroit

2014 New York International Auto Show

2014 Paris Motor Show

2014 SEMA Show News

2015 Chicago Auto Show

2016 Geneva Motor Show

2015 Los Angeles Auto Show

2015 North American International Auto Show - Detroit

2015 New York International Auto Show

2015 Tokyo Auto Show

2016 Chicago Auto Show

2016 Geneva Motor Show

2016 Los Angeles Auto Show

2016 North American International Auto Show - Detroit

2016 New York International Auto Show

2017 Chicago Auto Show

2017 Los Angeles Auto Show

2017 North American International Auto Show - Detroit

2017 Washington DC Auto Show/EDTA

2018 Chicago Auto Show

2018 Los Angeles Auto Show

2018 North American International Auto Show - Detroit

2019 Chicago Auto Show

2019 Geneva Motor Show

2019 Los Angeles Auto Show

2019 North American International Auto Show - Detroit

2020 Chicago Auto Show


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Focused Content Channel - Click Through 1 Million Pages Of Curated and Indexed Automotive Content

“Focused Content Channel” search offers several obvious benefits over general cloud search engines: greater precision due to limited scope; ability to leverage domain knowledge including taxonomies and ontologies; and they support specific unique user tasks and assumptions.

John Battelle writes in his book, The Search; “Domain-specific search solutions focus on one area of knowledge, creating customized search experiences that because of the domain's limited corpus and clear relationships between concepts provide extremely relevant results for searchers.”

Not only will “Focused Content Channel” searches quickly become valuable to users but will also present advertisers with a Safe Environment for their brand’s advertising, and in the on-line social and SEO dominated world that will be a comforting and profitable element to find. Unlike yesteryear’s successful brand name single medium magazine or cable network, tomorrow’s “

Focused Content Channel” must not only contain infinite quantities of single subject content that will be accessible forever, but its management must be experts with the economic creation, curation and delivery of content as text, images, video, audio and/or whatever comes next.

And most importantly, a “Focused Content Channel” should be easily translated to and monetized on every digital distribution platform; whether mobile, in-home, out of home… everywhere an information appliance is located so must be the “Focused Content Channel”.

Bob Gordon, Chief Revenue Officer
332 West Broadway
Twelfth Floor
Louisville, KY 40202