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If you don't kick the tires you will get kicked in the ass...
3 most important things to check out before buying a used vehicle?

  • Check the battery to see how old it is. If a car starts easily, and the battery is over 5 years old, it's a good indication that the engine will be trouble-free.
  • Test drive the car on some of the rougher roads in your area. Listen carefully for unusual noises that may indicate suspension issues.
  • Don't buy a car that has an engine light that stays on after starting.
  • You can also check under the hood for odors like antifreeze, oil or fuel, or the engine compartment is messy, modified, or missing parts.
  • The engine should run smoothly and quietly. Don't buy if there is any discoloration of the coolant, residue, exhaust odor or bubbling in the translucent expansion tank.(caution- some tanks have pressure rated caps, so you should never remove the cap on those.)
  • Pull the dipstick. The oil should be amber or brown in color. If it's black and has exhaust smell(except diesel) or looks like chocolate milkshake don't buy.
  • Drive the car at least 1/2 hour at highway speed with AC on full. Try the heater, do the windows fog up? If the temperature gauge moves towards orange or red, get off the freeway and hand the keys back, tell owner, “ Not interested

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    We aggregate millions of listings from dealers and private sellers, showing all the results for your search from each of our listings partners. We also generate comparison links for the remaining large sites we don't yet have partnerships with. Our goal is to capture all the results in single search, to save you time and help you find your ideal next car.

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    Editor's Note: In today's auto marketplace your trade-in is the most valuable piece in the new car purchase transaction, so don't let anyone steal it from you. Trade-ins are where the real profit in new car sales comes from.

    I'm sure you noticed that there are more and more TV commercials for national used car dealers like CarMax, Carvana, Vroom, AutoNation, Car Guru and others, all promise you that they will quickly buy your car for cash and some promise to pick it up the same day no matter where you live.

    Why? Because there is meaningful profit in trade-ins, if there wasn't they wouldn't be working so hard and spending so much to convince you to sell your used car to them.

    Today when buying a new car the energetic new car buyer has real leverage to lower their new car cost, by getting more for their trade.

    Before you accept what your new car dealer will pay you for your trade research it's actual value by spending the time to get real buy offers from the aforementioned used car dealers...so when you buy you will actually know...be strong and have fun!

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    Used Car Buyer Research Tools

    Co-publisher's Note - August 26, 2014 Try the new and improved Super Search, no more tabs, just one big list. find results from multiple sources in a single list. You can also open just craigslist or AutoTrader in new windows using the buttons located just above the used car return list...have fun and be careful.

    Co-publisher's Note - January 6, 2014; Since we first added this wonderful tool to our USEDCARBUYERSGUIDE buyer's tool set, hundreds of thousands of car buyers have used it to save time and get right to the vehicle they are looking for... we are happy you like it, keep on TACH'n

    USEDCARBUYERSGUIDE - Used Car Research: Compare New and Used Car Specs: 1997-Present Model Years

    Auto Central; For over 16 years we have been looking for a used car search tool that would allow our audience to skip the normal jerk-around we all find in online car and truck search, and get right to the relevant search results, without registering or revealing your personal data.

    The Auto Channel has always delivered free content, because we believe that free is better, that's why the used car search interface below will let you easily super search for your next used vehicle for free, and with one click search every Craigslist city site, quickly, easily and accurately.

    Should you not find what you are looking for on Craigslist you can also search on Ebay, and every other major used car inventory site.

    We hope you find this tool to be another reason to continue to visit The Auto Channel for all of your automotive research, please let me know what you think of it and any improvements you believe it needs. msnide@theautochannel.com

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