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If you don't kick the tires you will get kicked in the ass...
3 most important things to check out before buying a used vehicle?

  • Check the battery to see how old it is. If a car starts easily, and the battery is over 5 years old, it's a good indication that the engine will be trouble-free.
  • Test drive the car on some of the rougher roads in your area. Listen carefully for unusual noises that may indicate suspension issues.
  • Don't buy a car that has an engine light that stays on after starting.
  • You can also check under the hood for odors like antifreeze, oil or fuel, or the engine compartment is messy, modified, or missing parts.
  • The engine should run smoothly and quietly. Don't buy if there is any discoloration of the coolant, residue, exhaust odor or bubbling in the translucent expansion tank.(caution- some tanks have pressure rated caps, so you should never remove the cap on those.)
  • Pull the dipstick. The oil should be amber or brown in color. If it's black and has exhaust smell(except diesel) or looks like chocolate milkshake don't buy.
  • Drive the car at least 1/2 hour at highway speed with AC on full. Try the heater, do the windows fog up? If the temperature gauge moves towards orange or red, get off the freeway and hand the keys back, tell owner, “ Not interested

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