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Eliminate Google Invisibility - Add Quotation Marks Around Your Search Term And Force Google To Return A Link To The Exact Information You Are Seeking


Publisher's Note: For almost 15 years (out of 22) The Auto Channel automotive content ranked in the top returns in Google Search, and then Google "made things better" and changed their main search algorithms and our ranking were depressed,(we still do ok thank you), but our same great content is seen less valuable by Google and they manipulated our SERP rankings downward...but we found something interesting, we could go back to the good old days of accurate SERP returns by just adding quotation marks around a search term on the Google Search and amazingly our deservedly high rankings reappear, try it for yourself...see below to learn how...anyone out there have an explanation just how the same content is ranked both highly and poorly by Google,

Here are a couple of actual Google search example:

Use Google to search for this 2001 story on The Auto Channel - Ballard Completes Prototype Stationary Fuel Cell Power Generator - searching without quotes results in the story NOT SHOWING UP IN GOOGLE SERPS.

Using Google to search for the same exact story but adding quotation marks around search term - "Ballard Completes Prototype Stationary Fuel Cell Power Generator" - results in this story showing up number one on SERP.

Oh by the way using BING search without quotation marks around search term results in the story listed as Number 1 on the BING SERP.

A Google search for Subaru Buyers Guide with and then without quotation marks around search term and see where The Auto Channel's Subaru Buyers Guide shows up on Google organic SERP pages.

"Subaru Buyers Guide" (Notice Quotation Marks) Google SERP Results; Page 1 position 3 or 4.

Subaru Buyers Guide Google SERP page Results: The web's original (16 years on line) Subaru Buyers Guide First Position Page 8.

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Quotation Marks Can Take You On A Direct Google Search Route To The Auto Channel's Archive Of Well Produced, Helpful And Relevant Automotive Content, as an example; Google Search Results For Toyota Buyers Guide; With and Without Question Marks: same title; same meta tags, same content, same data, same servers, same history, same page layout, same number of ads, same results with quotation marks around search term; first SERP page, Google search results without quotation marks around search term; SERP Page position,never, never shows up! HUH!????

Auto Central, January 16, 2018; When Using Google Search you can find links to the exact automotive information you request quickly, accurately and directly by just adding "quotation marks" around your actual search term.

This simple, approved, safe and sanctioned google solution apparently forces the Google search algorithm to show content sites that really contain the information you actually wanted and searched for.

Quotation marks allow SERP results to ignore paid advertising weight, ignore SEO spamming, ignore heavily manipulated automotive content, ignore modified content designed to fool the search engine to deliver SERP results that benefits content that does not fully meet searched for criteria, all avoided by just adding magic quotation marks around a search term, allowing a high ranking of site links to the exact content you are searching for.

As and example...if you are searching for one of 128 Buyers Guides (see links below) published on The Auto Channel, like the Toyota Buyers Guide and you use Google Search to find it, here are the search results that will be returned...Toyota Buyers Guide without adding quotation marks, does not show up on a Google SERP until page 6, making the viewer believe that, the original and best Toyota Buyers Guide does not even exist.

In fact inexplicably some of our other buyers guides NEVER SHOW UP on 16 SERP pages NEVER when searched for as non-quotation-marked Google searches...but all Do SHOW UP ON THE FIRST PAGE when they are quotation marked...same content, same data, same servers, same history, same page layout, same number of ads, same everything, with quotation marks first page, sans quotation marks maybe never, never show up!

What is this all about? Seems to us that for the past 5 years unless you spend big bucks on Google advertising they attribute no value to content; in the past The Auto Chanel was ranked by Google as the largest and most viewed automotive content site in the world and then woops, Google decided that search was an advertising excuse and forgot what brought them to the party...content ranking based on editorial value and journalistic criteria, not name or budget.

To help viewers and our bank account, we are hoping to return to those days, so we ferreted out a Google approved method of returning search to the honest good old days, when content was really King, by simply adding quotation marks around search terms.

So no matter what you are searching for on Google, make sure you put quote marks around your search term to guarantee quick access to original and editorially correct content.

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