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2006 NY Auto Show

2006 New York International Auto Show
Isuzu Ascender

Both Ascender models, the 5-passenger and the 7-passenger, offer four option packages - Preferred Equipment, LS, Leather and Luxury (5-Passenger) or Limited (7-Passenger).

Both Ascender models come standard with the acclaimed 4.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine. This 4.2-liter powerplant generates 291 horsepower—a 16-horsepower boost. The engine’s torque output has also increased from 275 foot-pounds at 3,600 rpm to 277 foot-pounds at 4,800 rpm.

The Ascender 7-Passenger also offers an available 5.3-liter Displacement on Demand V8 engine which generates a whopping 300 horsepower. DoD brings buyers greater fuel efficiency by using only half the engine’s cylinders during most normal driving conditions. The system automatically and seamlessly calls upon the other cylinders when the driver needs the engine’s full capabilities for maximum acceleration or load carrying. As a result, the DoD engine provides the most towing capacity available in any Ascender—a hefty 6,400 pounds on Ascender 7-Passenger 2WD V8 models equipped with the 3.73 axle ratio.

StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control has been added as a standard feature on all Ascenders for the new model year. StabiliTrak combines anti-lock brake, traction control and stability control systems and helps the driver maintain directional control of the vehicle in most driving conditions.

Traction control activates when the controller senses wheel spin. StabiliTrak selectively applies the brakes and reduces engine torque to help regain traction. Stability control activates when the controller senses a discrepancy between the driver’s intended path and the direction the vehicle is traveling. StabiliTrak selectively applies braking pressure at any one of the vehicle’s brakes to help guide the vehicle in the direction in which the driver is steering.

The system can be turned off manually and is automatically disabled in 4WD low range (on 4WD models).


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