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1999 Talladega Superspeedway

April 22nd - 25th, 1999

Talladega Superspeedway® is a registered trademark of International Speedway Corporation. The Auto Channel is not affiliated with International Speedway Corporation.
Winston Cup race winner Dale Earnhardt Press Conference
Final Report from Y92FM with Jim Jacobs

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Live & On-Demand Cybercast Coverage
Features and Interviews from April 22, 1999
Roundtable 8pm ET 04/22/1999
  • Todd Bodine
  • Kerry Earnhardt
  • Randy LaJoie
  • Jason Jarrett
  • Tim Fedewa
  • and more....
Features and Interviews from April 23, 1999
Roundtable 8pm ET 04/23/1999
  • Mike Harris
  • Matt Hutter
Features and Interviews from April 24, 1999
ARCHIVE - XXIII IROC Y92 Live Coverage 04/24/1999
IROC Winner, Dale Earnhardt Press conference
Touchstone Energy 300 NASCAR Busch Series Race
ARCHIVE - Lyndon Amick In Car Audio 04/24/1999

(may be long periods of silence)
Busch Series Winner Terry Labonte Press Conference
Bussh Series #4 Jeff Purvis and
Busch Series #87 Joe Nemechek Press Conference
Roundtable 8pm ET 04/24/1999
  • Kenny Irwin
  • Doug Richert
  • Michael Kranefuss
Features and Interviews from April 25, 1999
Roundtable 8pm ET 04/25/1999
Wrap-up Host:
  • Jim Jacobs

News from Talladega

The Auto Channel will be simulcasting WEYY's daily evening roundtable discussions, which will feature exclusive interviews and stories surrounding the festivities. The show will be presented live from Talladega Superspeedway at 7pm EST. In addition to the roundtable discussions, The Auto Channel will also broadcast WEYY's regular radio coverage, plus exclusive access to the track's "talk back system", which consists of a live feed from the reporters on the field with Y92 audible in the background.

The Auto Channel's live Talladega coverage will begin on Thursday, April 22nd with the Nascar Bush Series and IROC Practice and Qualifying races. Friday's coverage will include NASCAR's Advance Auto Parts Qualifying Day for the Winston Cup Bud Pole Awards. April 24th will celebrate the first of two major race days with the XXIII IROC and 7th Touchstone Energy 3000 NASCAR Busch Series Race. Sunday will celebrate final day in the Talladega Superspeedway schedule of events, with the 30th DieHard 500 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Race.

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