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The 83rd Annual Running of the Indy 500

Typically, the Indianapolis 500 auto race only takes about 3 hours to complete. So why does Indianapolis TV station WRTV-Ch.6 broadcast an annual five hour pre-race show? Because there's so much more to the Indy 500 than just watching the cars speed around the 2.5 mile oval. And for the third year in a row, The Auto Channel is proud to provide exclusive Internet coverage of the entire "Breakfast at the Brickyard" television show.

"Breakfast at the Brickyard" features in-depth interviews with virtually all of the significant participants in the greatest spectacle in racing: drivers, team owners, crew chiefs, and Indy Racing League association personnel. In addition, the five hour show reviews all of the qualifying events and behind-the-scene activities leading up to the race. There's also historical highlights from previous years, as well as a look at this year's other IRL races and current standings.

The Auto Channel's Terry Callahan will be on location at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the two weeks leading up to the main event, and, as always, Terry will be filing incisive reports accompanied by his unique photographic renderings. The 5 hour broadcast will begin at 7AM EDT on Sunday, May 30th, and ends just before the start of the race (which is carried live on the ABC television network).

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