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Dave Redinger's The Neighbourhood Mechanic 8/8/06

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Hybrid cars are all the rage. You know those gas/electric wonders that are going to save the planet. Everybody agrees that saving fuel is a good thing. However; saving fuel in a vehicle that doesn’t use that much in the first place is really not that efficient. Saving fuel in vehicle that consumes vast amounts more sense. Long distant truckers are buying over 9000 dollars worth of “motion lotion” every month. That’s what a trucker buys on average. Now imagine if you could save 10-12 percent. That would certainly help the bottom line.

I’m a trucker. I have fifteen diesel trucks in my fleet and fifty one other pieces of equipment that run on diesel. Have you heard about hydrogen injection in diesel engines and what can you tell me about it?


Interesting stuff. There are several companies that are in the field of Hydrogen Injection. As in any new field one company takes the lead. Dynamic Fuel Systems is an Ontario based firm that manufactures a hydrogen generator designed for diesel truck use. The computerized unit injects hydrogen into the diesel’s intake system. According to Tom Fairfull (CEO), hydrogen injection has the effect of reducing pollution and dramatically increasing fuel economy. The unit is reasonably priced and should pay for itself in fuel savings in approximately one year’s operation at current fuel prices. The company is currently testing units designed to work in gasoline powered vehicles. For more

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I have a1997 Honda CRV. Having a problem for some time now. When I try to brake, the vehicle doesn't stop right away. It makes a vibrating sound and the brakes feel funny. For this reason, I hit another vehicle.

Can you tell me what the problem is? I have a second question if I may. The temperature gauge of my car goes high when the car runs slowly or is stopped. But it stays in the middle when running on the highway. Can you give me a suggestion ?


You have several problems that are not related. The braking issue should be dealt with immediately. I would suggest there is a failure with the Master Cylinder and the ABS system. Don't put this off, it's serious.....

As far as the engine's running hot . The vehicle is equipped with electronically controlled cooling fans. Have the car's computer scanned for codes and failures and proceed from there.

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