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Dave Redinger's The Neighbourhood Mechanic 2/8/06

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Nils Bohlin has saved thousands of lives and I bet you have never heard of him. In 1958 while working for Volvo, as the director of their automotive safety and interior design department, he perfected the lap/shoulder seat belt assembly. His design allowed the driver to connect both lap and shoulder belt with one connection, keeping the lap belt low across the hips. Bohlin’s seat belt was to be come one of the top eight most significant patents issued in the last 100years.

Are there any drawbacks to using CO2 to inflate tires? There is a product on the shelves where a small regulator is attached to a CO2 bottle supposedly enough to fill three 13" tires and with a coiled, flexible hose attached to which one would attach the tire inflator. I'm wondering if mixing air with CO2 would pose a hazard or if the tire was inflated totally with CO2 would be a problem. This product appears to be the ideal "emergency" kit when on vacation should one be unfortunate enough to have a flat.

Interesting Question: The latest trend in tire inflation is to remove oxygen from the equation. This is done by charging the tires with nitrogen. Oxygen encourages the degradation of the rubber and has tendency to expand more dramatically as the tire warms up. By switching to nitrogen tire pressures are more stable. Using Co2 does not remove the Oxygen from the charge so I would assume it can't be more harmful than straight air. I would also think that Co2 fill is just a temporary measure and when the tire is repaired you use the proper alternative.

My problem is that my wipers suddenly stopped working They only work when the washer is depressed (and totally normal too) but not on Hi, Lo, or intermittent. I had a local Pontiac dealer to look at. He said "one of two causes" yet he would replace both: the wiper assembly cover (board) and "the switch". The switch is the expensive item since it is the entire multifunction lever switch. Total cost $400 including labour .

I need wipers !! What do I do? Ed

I had the same problem with my Rivera (97). I change the electronic control board ...However the problem turned out to be the wiper motor itself.....My advice would be to get a second opinion.....

Dave Redinger a mechanic with over 40 yrs of experience operates his shop “DOCTOR H HONDA SPECIALISTS in Toronto for the last 24 yrs. Dave can be heard every Saturday morning at 9:00 on


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