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Dave Redinger's The Neighbourhood Mechanic 1/3/06

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Recently I service a late model Lincoln Continental. Nice car. I was blown away by all the controls. The radio alone had 28 buttons. In total the vehicle had over 85 knobs, switches and pushbuttons operating various accessories. Why? Why? do designers continue to complicate vehicles in this way? I wonder just how many accidents have been caused by someone simply trying to play some tunes. Just a thought….

Help!! We have a 1991 Chevy Astro Van. It has over 500,000 kms. The body is in great shape. It was well maintained. The reason I am writing is that we have been spending a lot of money to keep it on the road and I would like to know if the time has come to say goodbye. We love this van. Last night it did not make it home. The engine was running, but it would not move. It was towed. My husband says that I am being unreasonable in my expectations.
The real issue we have here is how much do you need this truck? The value of the vehicle is zero. The money you invest is really the cost of driving in the purest form. You’ve indicated that the vehicle is in good condition so our only issue is the mechanical problem. Have your mechanic give you a full estimate and then make you decision. Are you asking too much of this vehicle? Today's cars actually can last forever. I most cases forever is about 300,000 kms.

My 2000 olds, intrigue which has low mileage starts with a touch of the starter when cold. After car warms up it stalls a couple of times before it will remain running, what could be the problem?


Today's cars are operated by computers. These systems have the ability to self diagnose. What has to happen is a technician will connect a second computer to your car and take readings as the stalling occurs. This will lead to the correct repair. Don't fall into a trap of spending money on repairs unless the car has been scanned. The problem maybe as simple as a plugged fuel filter causing low fuel pressure.

Dave Redinger a mechanic with over 40 yrs of experience operates his

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