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Dave Redinger's The Neighbourhood Mechanic 3/1/06

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Lately I noticed how many of the newer cars on the road are fitted with alloy wheels. Not only do they look good the have definite advantages. Manufactures are always trying to reduce unsprung weight, (weight not carried by the suspension). The use of alloy wheels give the vehicle better handling and acceleration. The open design also helps in heat dissipation which improves brake performance. Down side is that they require more maintenance and don’t really do well in the “salt bath” we call winter driving.

I have a 92 Blazer 4.3 when I’m on the highway & give it a little gas it bronkos or stumbles, like it is getting to much fuel, but if I give it more it goes away. No one seems to know what it is . Also mileage is way down luck if I get 400kms to tank. Any help would be great.


This type of vehicle uses very low rpm to maintain HWY speeds. Sometimes the engine turns less than 1800 rpm. This is done to improve gas mileage. When the engine is running this slow it lugs...Have the engine serviced .In the old days we called this service a tune-up now in this politically correct society it's referred to as an under-hood service. The strain of this low RPM will cause ignition break down. Concentrate your efforts there.

I own a1997 Ford Expedition 5.4 Lt, with approx. 155,000 kms. At the last oil change the mechanic found a thick yellowish sludge under the oil cap and down the neck of the filler tube. He said this was caused by condensation due to not enough warm up time. His solution was a rather costly engine flush. What is your opinion?


Sludge is cause by moisture in the engine. Film condenses on the inside of the valve cover and oil filler tube...I think the tech is correct in recommending an oil flush... But unfortunately that will only cure the result not the problem. Have the tech install a hotter thermostat in an effort to reduce sludge build up by increasing the operating temperature and reducing moisture production...

Dave Redinger a mechanic with over 40 yrs of experience operates his shop “DOCTOR H HONDA SPECIALISTS in Toronto for the last 25 yrs. You can hear Dave on the “Neighbourhood Mechanic” Saturday mornings on AM740

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