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Dave Redinger - The Neighbourhood Mechanic

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Dave is a licensed auto mechanic with over 40 years in the trade. For the past 24 years he has operated Dr. H. Honda Specialists in Etobcoke Toronto). Dave the neighborhood mechanic can be heard answering his neighbors car questions on AM740 radio each Saturday at 9 AM. Some of these conversations will also be published weekly here on The Auto Channel

August 31, 2005

First Dave’s Ditty:
As gas prices continue to soar here’s a tip that will save needless repair. Don’t overfill your tank when prices are down. Sealed tanks need air internally so that they can vent. Venting is through a charcoal canister. Over filling will damage these venting components. When the nozzle clicks off …your full……… .

Hello Dave
I have an olds cutlass ciera 89 a few months ago I started feeling a rattling in my steering. I had the car test driven and was told that my alignment was bad and that I needed to change the bottom bearings. I had the alignment and bearings done. I still have a shimmy and now the tires started wearing. Could alignment be causing the shimmy ?

There is a possibility here that the original problem was never resolved... Sounds as if the tires are the failing....Bad tires can cause premature wear in front end components. Even though the damage has been repaired, have the tires wheels inspected...If possible rotate them to the back and se if the vehicle performs better. If it does……replace the tires.

Hi Dave.
The “Check Engine Soon” signal light on my 98 Plymouth Neon has been turned on permanently. Replacing: EGR, downstream and upstream oxygen sensors turned off this signal. The service engine light has come back again. I have spent a lot of money for this trouble light, especially for the cost of using the On Board Diagnosis (OBD) system. Should I ignore the light or continue to refix the same problem?

The car will not operate properly with the light on...the vehicle is running on backup mode and will not react to the environment. The service “engine soon light” is a reminder that one of the sensors that operate the cars electronic fuel injection system are have gone out of range or have failed completely. You should fix the problem to ensure the longevity of the engine.

Dave Redinger will answer questions from viewers each week, to ask you can e-mail dave at stikky@ca, or go to

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