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Dave Redinger The Neighborhood Mechanic

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Dave is a licensed auto mechanic with over 40 years in the trade. For the past 24 years he has operated Dr. H. Honda Specialists in Etobcoke Toronto). Dave the neighborhood mechanic can be heard answering his neighbors car questions on AM740 radio each Saturday at 9 AM. Some of these conversations will also be published weekly here on The Auto Channel

November 5, 2005

First Dave’s Ditty:
During the cold weather months make sure you shut off all accessories before you shut of the ignition system. Having the wipers frozen half way up the windshield will damage the system when you restart the car in the morning. Here’s another hint. When parking, leave the driver’s window down about ¼ “ on those clear nights. It will help the car’s interior air and dry out overnight.

Hello Dave
The lease on my car is expiring this year. I understand that I’m responsible for damages that are not considered normal wear and tear. How do I know what normal wear and tear is? Is there someone I could ask before I talk to my leasing company?

Interestingly, this is always a sore point when returning a leased vehicle. I have heard stories where the people have been charged for lost owner’s manuals and keys. MACCO the body shop chain offers an audit service for lease returns. According to Bob Mauro a MACCO spokesperson they handle a lot of rental car fleets and are familiar with the industry standards that are in effect. The service is free…...

Hey Dave
I have a 2001 Honda Civic which I recently took in for service. I have heard a number of conflicting recommendations/statements about replacing brake pads, and I wanted to get your thoughts. One person said that when replacing brake pads it is preferable to replace the rotors as well rather than just machining them. This is because machining rotors makes them thinner and more prone to warping/overheating. Can you comment on these points?

I don't cut rotors because they are case hardened...Machining reduces the thickness of the hardening. This reduces the life of the rotor.....Secondly, Buy the best pad for your needs....there are various types of pads available because of the variation in driver style and vehicle use. You should discuss this with your mechanic. In short ...replace the rotors if the are out of spec. not as a mater of course. Make sure you service the braking system at least twice a year...going into winter and coming out. Change brake fluid after 3 yrs use.

Dave Redinger will answer questions from viewers each week, to ask you can e-mail dave at stikky@ca, or go to

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