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CARZ FOR GIRLZ: How to Eat Better When on the Road


Ilyse Gordon-Carz4Girlz

By Ilsye Gordon & Friends

Who doesn't love a good road trip with friends? (Notice I didn't say family – us girls are totally over that experience unless it ends at a some outlet store where someone else will be paying).

The problem with road tripping – whether visiting a friend at faraway college or doing an all-girls vacation – is the whole eating thing. Sure, cheating can be the fair and right thing to do. Those In-N-Out burgers taste so good. Who doesn’t love a simple taco as well?

But fast-food eating beings to weigh on you. Quite literally, friend. At some point you need fuel in the form of an edible, digestible, good old-fashioned meal.

To avoid restaurant rip-offs, potential food poisoning, and midnight bartering with a friend over the last available doughnut, read on about on how to incorporate better eating habits while on the on the road.

Use eating common sense. You don’t have to be a mechanic to understand your car needs fluids, nor be a calorie-counting champion to understand fast-food chains can serve the kind of high-fat, sugar-laden foods that cause health problems. Poor nutrition causes fatigue or loss of mental clarity.

Enjoy both the good and bad stuff. Make the best of any eating situation. Be good 80 percent of the time, but count on falling off the food horse 20 percent of the adventure. Sometimes you’ve got to have that tempting treat at the gas station counter when paying for fuel.

Better food choices exist somewhere, somehow, in any eating situation. When you find yourself waiting in line at a burger place because there really are no other dinner options, pick the lesser of two evils. Your can choose chicken instead of beef, or water verse soda. Lots of menus today include symbols or signs identifying entrees with less harmful ingredients.

Be a snacker to avoid crashing big time. There are those times and places on the road so devoid of food, you’d dine at the greasiest of joints if only one existed. Snacking is serious survival eating. Choices are as endless as they are weightless: Whole-grain bagels and crackers, low-fat pretzels, dry-roasted nuts, and energy bars.

Desperate hunger calls for desperate-looking meals. If you have to wonder if how long a hot dog has been rotating under a gas station heated lamp, that's a sure sign to stay away. If you cannot identify a food or suspect it hasn't been cooked properly, do not eat it.

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Meal planning before you hit the highway gives you a chance to pack your favorite food and drink. You'll also end up feeling more energized. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of over-priced antacids.

All too often we define road trip food by what’s calling out to us on the side of the highway. What is meant to be a just-this-once treat ends up being a regret in more ways (and more ends) than one!

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