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CARZ4GIRLZ: 10 Great Reasons a Girl Needs a Truck


By Ilyse Gordon & Friends
Cars for Girls Editor
The Auto Channel
Louisville Bureau

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Why would a girl like you want a truck? Ladies like us dream of a used BMW, a brand new Toyota Camary, or will even venture to say a Jeep Wrangler would satisfy our outdoor heart as a desirable car to own. But say the word 'pickup truck' and visions of dirt clouds, frustrating parking situations, and bumpy, tight seating comes to mind.

Well, open up that mind up a little and consider what owning a truck could do for your world. There simply are things – like adventures, safety, and great deals – that don’t always come with owning a little compact or sedan. Read on.

#1: Great deals can be had for trucks right now. Car sales are so bad right now – it's being compared to a natural disaster, with low truck sales driving those figures down. That means dealers will offer you thousands of dollars in incentives and extremely low lease payments on bigger vehicles. Search here on The Auto Channel for your dream truck!

#2: You're just loads safer. It's always the heavier vehicle that does better in a car collision. Just because your sedan has a 5-star rating in safety doesn't mean it wins against a battle with a Toyota Tundra – it just means it does well with its own class or size.

#3: Compacts rarely have 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. A little clown car works great in the summer, but what's going to happen during the snowy season? These kinds of off-road components offer better traction for bad weather.

#4: Trucks are becoming hybrids, too. The upcoming Chevy Silverado Hybrid offered in 2009 will garner an average of 20-mpg with 4-wheel drive. This will be the first of many trucks having hybrid engines … 20-mpg is better than what a Ford Mustang gets!

#5: Better for recreational adventures. What if you want to go camping? What if a family member gives you a mint-condition water ski boat? If you're young, chances are you're on a smaller budget, so you need to make do with frugal vacations at your local lake or campground. Be the girl who brings the fun!

#6: Many trucks are quite spacious. Compact car means not a lot of people can fit. Trucks come in Crew Cabs, Extended Cabs, King Cabs – and you'd be surprised spacious the second row seating can be. The back doors can fold back 180-degrees in some vehicles, like the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. No one single smaller car on the market today can do that.

#7: Can handle the unexpected. Add items #3 and #2 plus this information: Things out of your control. No matter where you live, I bet you've had some wacky weather as of late, and there is more to come. Deer like to jump in front of cars and humans like to suddenly brake in front of you. Trucks are prepared.

#8: Not a trendy pick. Trucks have history. Trucks also have intense customer loyalty. Most of all, they have proven staying power. Crossovers, for all we know, might come … and then just go. Trucks are a solid pick.

#9: Trucks are a good friend when you want to move. If the average person holds 14 different jobs in their lifetime, and we're just beginning our careers, chances are all those jobs won't be in one area or even one state. Now all you need are some helping hands …

#10: You'll save time and money in a truck. Let's cram everything we learned into this one: When you go on an adventure, you have a vehicle big enough to hold you and four of your friends, which means gas money flows your way. You can pack all your stuff without feeling crowed – no one fits to fight stuff in, which takes time and angry energy. You can get through bad weather or roads (imagine NOT having to call AAA and sitting around for a tow). Now WHO wants a truck now, girls???

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