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      The Auto Channel is loaded with unique and Internet exclusive content; enough fascinating material to keep every Internet surfer captivated for hours each time they access the site. Cross editorial and promotional relationships with several of the industry's leading publications supplement TACH's efforts in providing in-depth news and coverage of events and personalities surrounding all facets of motor sports, automotive product introduction, technology, and consumer issues.

      Individual content segments consist of:

  • TACH original and existing video programs
  • Live and archived Internet TV & radio shows
  • Specially prepared feature articles
  • Current and archived magazine stories

      All material and information is stored within dynamic relational databases to give each user the ability to access unlimited information, with the utmost flexibility.



      Motor Sports

      Zoom into this section for the most complete in-depth look at motor sports around the globe: Australia, South Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and of course North America. Users get the inside track on local and international events, motor sports associations, specialty racing, news, and fast breaking stories. Celebrities and personalities from the motor sports world host special on-line video conferencing and provide clips and highlights of the most thrilling events. Coverage includes results and live reports from racetracks throughout the world: from local grass-roots ovals to international speedways. TACH is the pit stop for motor sports enthusiasts everywhere.


      New Vehicles

      Visit TACH's New Vehicles section for a look at passenger vehicles around the globe. Through video clips, sound effects, and virtual reality experiences, users can see, hear, and learn everything there is to know about new vehicles-without leaving their home or office. Click into a video or audio session to discuss first hand experiences with other car owners. Find out what the industry's leading experts have to say in their reviews. In addition, you'll get the inside track on factory to dealer pricing through TACH's comprehensive, interactive New Car Buyers Guide.


      Collector, Classic Cars, & Specialty Vehicles

      Click to this section and join the millions of enthusiasts around the globe who share a love and fascination for classic cars and specialty vehicles. You'll enter a place where auctions, museums, shows, races, clubs and swap meets all revolve around these special wheels! Here, users can watch experts transform the body of a rusted out 1954 Hudson convertible into a deep red beauty, and watch live classic car auctions. Whether the user is interested in a Rolls Royce or a hot rod, the wealth of information about these vehicles is invaluable.


      Accessories and Parts

      Imagine an entire warehouse of parts and accessories compressed to the size of a monitor and accessible to anyone with a computer and modem. Locating desired products is as easy as requesting them. From common windshield wipers, to that hard to find instrument panel for your '69 Ford Ranger, it's found with the click of a mouse or a few strokes on your keyboard. But that's not all. Users can keep up-to-date on the latest products to hit the marketplace. When they see something they like, they're directed to the appropriate catalog order desk. For those seeking the best deal in town, we send them to our on-line pick & pull yards where they can check out the latest offerings. Whether a user wants to replace an engine or customize a '65 Shelby Cobra, TACH helps every step of the way.


      Used Cars

      This section takes the guesswork and frustration out of buying, selling, and owning a used car. It's like having a pro-bono mechanic, financial consultant, expert reviewer, and experienced owner wrapped up in one. From raw data to comprehensive reviews, TACH's Used Car Buyers Guide helps users determine vehicle worth, obtain repair information, identify lemons & red-flags, reveal pertinent maintenance schedules, and any additional information consumers need to know prior to making a buying or selling decision.


      Repair and Maintenance

      Everyone in the world who owns a motor vehicle can benefit from the expert advice of our on-line specialists. TACH demonstrates how to maintain or repair any automobile, and keep it in prime condition. Do-it-yourselfers can watch step-by-step videos that provide specific repair procedures and all the tricks-of-the-trade that aren't mentioned in those generalized manuals. Users can find out what repairs will cost before the vehicle enters the shop. Users who connect to this section visit it again and again.


      Motor Homes & RVs

      Touring the countryside in recreational vehicles has become the vacation of choice for millions of people around the world. TACH provides a repository of free information for this group to help them buy, sell and maintain their homes on wheels-from on-line swap meets for previously experienced vehicles to the latest in amenities. Recreational vehicle owners can turn to TACH for answers about common concerns and questions: locating the best parks, finding a match for towing a vehicle, packing enough braking power, identifying user-friendly roads, or knowing the amount of power it will take to climb the steepest mountains. From maintaining vehicles to previewing the most spectacular sights around, this section is their personal guide.


      Behind the Wheel

      For the first time, users have a comprehensive resource designed to help them hone their driving skills. Motorists who have been sucked into the soupy mud of a back road, blinded by a hydra-planing car-wash, or simply been rear-ended by a pesky tail-gaiter, can soak up the safety tips given in "Behind the Wheel". An all encompassing on-line instructional that covers defensive driving, hazard driving, and high speed competitive driving. Experts guide users through a multitude of terrains, provide sample tests and steer graduates on the road to better driving.


      Women & Cars

      Ever ripped your skirt trying to gracefully get out of a truck, wrenched your back lifting a child out of her car-seat, or worried about breaking down in the middle of a freeway? You might if you were a woman. Women, who buy or influence more than 50% of all automotive purchases, have many different needs when it comes to automobiles. Women & Cars looks at purchase, ownership, and safety from the female perspective. There's test driving a vehicle, easy step-by-step how-to's, answers to everyday concerns.


      Consumer Affairs

      The Auto Channel's Consumer Affairs section keeps drivers up to date on ever changing policies, issues, and concerns that affect all drivers. We'll keep your nose to the wheel on government regulations, fees, taxes, recalls, alternative fuels and vehicles, environmental issues, and mass-transit proposals. You'll find on-line discussion groups debating the latest technological developments on solar powered cars, and pondering the future of electric cars. Readers can also check into this area to obtain national road information or to make carpooling inquires. Those who want to keep up with life in the fast lane will turn here to get answers.


      Teens & Cars

      Everyone remembers his or her first time. Teenagers dream about their first driving experience long before the moment arrives. When it does, independence, excitement, and new experiences await. TACH has created a section especially for this distinct market. Crusin', having the rad stereo, and customizing the cool car will be some of the main attractions offered to these young adults. Teens can also check into this forum to learn how issues directly impact them: finding the best insurance rates, how to drive safely, how to save money on car products and how to get under the hood and fix it yourself. In addition, on-line video and audio conferencing will be a great gathering place.


      Big Rigs

      Rev up those engines and swing by the biggest truck stop in the universe. Big Rigs will be the direct line to the world of trucking. Roll into this section for a complete look at dealer listings, used vehicle lots, the after-market products and services, and expert reviews for every type of oversized vehicle on the road: pick-ups, semis, buses, fire trucks, military, and even earth moving equipment. TACH's colossal body of information will keep big rigs on top of it all!


      RCs & Models

      These vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and attract a wide variety of enthusiasts. Hobbyists, competitors and fun-seekers of all ages groups devote hours a week breathing life into radio controlled vehicles, scale models and precision die-cast replicas. The Auto Channel will provide building workshops, keep viewers abreast of clubs and events, and provide on-line video and audio conference rooms where fellow enthusiasts can discuss their latest projects and events.


      Auto Shopping Mall

      What better way to shop than from the comfort of your own home? We have compiled an on-line village of books, videos and games for our users. Shoppers will be able to read book excerpts, view video clips and demo games prior to making a purchase decision. When they find an item they like, they can even order it directly through The Auto Channel.



      The freedom of riding the open highway and the powerful hum of their engines can be irresistible. More than just modes of transportation, motorcycles symbolize a special image and lifestyle to the individuals who ride them. TACH's in-depth coverage of the world of motorcycles is unparalleled; from the most thrilling and exciting motocross races to a leisurely ride through the country. A resource for the classifieds, club news, how-to repairs & maintenance, events, and reviews, this section will enlighten motorcycle riders around the world. Peewee riders, daredevil stunt professionals, weekend warriors, and Sunday cruisers will rely on this section to keep them informed.



      The thrill and adventure of trekking off-road continues to attract a growing number of participants. These action types want to know where to go 4-wheeling for recreation and competition. TACH provides updates on events, product information on the latest equipment and accessories, as well as links to clubs and associations. A repository of information will equip users with the hard facts and expert opinions needed to make smart buying, selling and maintenance decisions for their new and used off-road vehicles. Instructional segments will help users learn how to navigate the roughest terrain with confidence.

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