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      In 1987, The Auto Channel was created with the intent to become an all-encompassing, final authority automotive television network. The goal was to feature everything imaginable about cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV's and every other type of motorized vehicle.

      Between 1989-1991, partly in response to the need for additional research and development information, TACH produced a nationally syndicated weekly TV series, also called The Auto Channel. The show aired in 55% of the United States, including 16 of the 20 top markets. The show attained high critical praise as well as impressive ratings for a niche program - averaging 0.8 overall rating in broadcast test markets, with some individual top 20 markets registering as high as 4.0. Thirty eight percent of The Auto Channel's audience composition were the hard to reach men's 18-49 group. Research definitely showed that the level of viewer enthusiasm for a full time automotive network was very high.

Watch the original pilot episode for the TACH television series

      Production of these shows and materials enabled TACH to prove the viability of the network concept, develop a presentation format, establish industry contacts, and prove that diverse automotive programming would attract and sustain an audience. In addition to producing the television show, TACH produces home videos, audio programs and merchandising campaigns. These materials and television shows are produced in association with many of the auto industry's finest publications. The cross editorial and promotional associations formed with these publications make it possible to produce shows of unequaled material content.

Watch The Auto Channel network concept promo video produced in 1991

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