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Here's a sampling of the media reviews we've received:

"We are frankly in awe of the breadth and relentless high quality of this all encompassing, multimedia automotive'd be wise to tune into The Auto Channel."

                    iGUIDE (TV Guide's online website)


"If The Auto Channel were a car, it would be a hot rod. This site is definitely worth taking for a spin."

                                     USA TODAY HOT SITE


"This huge virtual garage of car information houses almost everything you can think of...The site is exhaustive and very well designed, so pop open a brewsky and dive in."



"Finally, a site serving both the car consumer and the car fan. A true multimedia site. Most auto sites disregard the audio and video possibilities of the Web. But these folks take advantage."


"The Web's monster site for car buffs...If cars, trucks, or anything else with wheels are your thing, you'll flip for The Auto Channel...This is one exhaustive (and exhausting) site."

                                        WEB-TV/JUMP CITY

"The Rolls Royce of all car buying sites is The Auto Channel."

                           SMART MONEY INTERACTIVE


"An enormous site that is a must see for automotive aficionados."

                                                WEB CRAWLER

"Hot Stuff has a new all-time favorite Web site - The Auto Channel. Want to read a bunch of well-written car reviews? Want to see cybercasts of races or even special events like the unveiling of the latest Jaguar?...It's all on The Auto Channel."

                  HOT STUFF (Orange County Register)


"Must see. Speed over to TACH for daily news of auto racing circuit, latest results worldwide, chat rooms, and classified ads...Definite bookmark for automaniacs."

                                                      AOL NetFind

"You can practically smell the fumes and hear the engines rev...This is your on-stop shop for auto news on the net."

            MAGELLAN (McKinley's Internet Directory)


"The Auto Channel is an extensive, content-rich site that should keep car enthusiasts tuning in regularly."

                              MECKLERMEDIA'S iWORLD

"My first look at your site and how comprehensive it is left me aghast...It's a great piece of Internet literature."

                              THE MINING COMPANY

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