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Automotive Media Library - The Auto Channel’s Media Library offers thousands of 
hours of Car Videos and Truck Videos as well as thousands of hours of car and truck radio programs.

The Auto Channel's Media Library contains more than 8 thousand hours of Car Video and Truck Video as well as thousands of hours of car and truck TV and Radio programs.

Included is exclusive multi-year “Press Pass Coverage” of Auto Shows such as Detroit Auto Show Videos, LA Auto Show Videos, Chicago Auto Show Videos, Miami Auto Show Videos, and Frankfurt Motor Show Videos. You’ll also find Motorcycle Videos, Auto Repair Videos, Auto Crash Test Videos, Truck Crash Test Videos, Alternative Powered Vehicle Videos, Historic Automotive Videos, New Car Unveiling Videos, New Truck Unveiling Videos, NASCAR Videos, Indy 500 Videos, SEMA Videos, plus thousands of hours of archived automotive radio shows and automotive trade show coverage archives.

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