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VW Group Stages Nine World Premieres at Frankfurt Motor Show - VIDEO ENHANCED

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E-Up! – Clever city specialist with electric motor for the year 2013

L1 – Pioneering two-seater with TDI hybrid consumes just 1.49 litres diesel

Polo three-door – New base version will cost 12,150 Euros in Germany

BlueMotion fuel economy records – 3.3 litres in the Polo, 3.8 in the Golf and 4.4 in the Passat

Golf R – Highest performance Golf ever with 21 percent gain in fuel efficiency

R-Line and Exclusive – Golf, Scirocco, Passat CC, Golf Estate customised

Multivan and California – New “Bulli” with fuel consumption reduced by up to 1.9 litre

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WOLFSBURG/FRANKFURT - September 20, 2009: This week, at the 63rd International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Volkswagen presented an automotive update on the present and future of its various brands. The exceptionally large range of products – a total of nine premieres ranging from the zero-emissions E-Up! concept to a near-production prototype of the sensational 1-Liter car, the L1, the economical Polo three-door, super-efficient BlueMotion versions of the Polo (3.3 l/100 km), Golf (3.8 l/100 km) and Passat (4.4 l/100 km) to the super sports car, the Golf R (270 PS), and the new generation of the Multivan / California (T5). Many customised models – such as three new, dynamic R-Line versions (Golf, Scirocco and Passat CC) and the first vehicle under the new top label Volkswagen Exclusive (Golf Estate) – complete the range of IAA premieres.

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The common denominator of all of these new Volkswagens: maximum efficiency. And this applies to the all-wheel drive Golf R and the large T5 as well, because even on these two models fuel savings amount to more than 20 percent. On the time line between today, tomorrow and the future, these new models of the Polo, Golf, Passat, Multivan, California and the five-seat version of the natural gas powered Touran TSI EcoFuel (with 670 kilometre range) – also being shown in Frankfurt for the first time – represent the sustainable and affordable technologies of the present. Creating a window to the immediate future, on the other hand, are the E-Up! and L1 concept cars.

World premiere 1: E-Up! concept car

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Volkswagen E-Up! Concept
The zero-emissions E-Up! concept is based on modules of the New Small Family expected for the year 2011. However, at a length of 3.19 meters it is even more compact and shows Volkswagen’s vision of a potential city specialist of the year 2013 powered purely by electricity. Stylistically, the powerful and clearly drawn lines of the E-Up! body follow the new Volkswagen “de­sign DNA” and show cult potential. That is because, it is the first ultra-compact to appear in a long time that is so appealing while revealing timeless qualities extending beyond class boundaries. It does not rely on retro styling, but instead points in new directions. Inside, the smallest Volkswagen of all times also astonishes with space utilization never before realised in this form. Three adults and one child can sit comfortably in the E-Up! And on one charge of its lithium-ion batteries they can travel about 130 emissions-free kilometres through the city.

World premiere 2: L1 concept car

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Volkswagen L1 Concept
The L1 concept is unique in the world today. Thanks to a carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) body, it weighs just 380 kilograms. The two-seater is powered by a new common rail turbo-diesel (two-cylinder TDI) and an electric motor. With its average fuel consumption of 1.49 litres diesel per 100 kilometres, this fully road-ready and extremely aerodynami­c L1 (Cd 0.195!) is advancing to become the most fuel-efficient hybrid automobile in the world. CO2 emissions of the 160 km/h fast concept car are just 39 g/km. If the L1 were to also go into production in 2013, it would debut an entirely new lightweight car concept and introduce a new era in automotive production.

World premiere 3: Polo three-door
As a world premiere at the IAA, Volkswagen is also presenting the latest offspring of the Polo family: a spirited three-door car. Its longer doors compared to the five-door version, new styling of the row of side windows and dynamic, sporty C-pillars give the car a nearly coupe-like appearance in its side profile. When it launches this autumn, the extremely elegant and safe three-door car will be available in six engine versions (from 44 kW / 60 PS to 77 kW / 105 PS) and three equipment variants (Trendline, Com­fortline, Highline). The model’s entry-level version will now be the three-door Polo 1.2 Trendline with ESP at a price of 12,150 Euros. The Polo range is gaining tremendous momentum here. The declared goal is to accelerate sales of the Polo to match those of Europe’s most successful car, the Golf.

World premieres 4, 5 and 6: Polo, Golf and Passat as BlueMotion cars
All three are celebrating their world premieres as production versions at the IAA; and all three can be ordered starting this autumn. In Frankfurt, Volkswagen will be showing what is feasible when the best available yet affordable technologies of our times are sensibly combined – in the new BlueMotion generation of the Polo, Golf and Passat. All three are celebrating their world premieres as production versions at the IAA; and all three can be ordered later this autumn. Each of these pioneering Blue­Motion models is redefining the benchmarks for fuel economy, emissions and costs in its own segment. Take the example of the Polo BlueMotion (55 kW / 75 PS). The second generation of this trendsetter, with an average fuel consumption of just 3.3 litres diesel per 100 kilometres, is advancing to become the “3-litre fuel economy car” of the modern era and the most economical five-seater in the world. Its 45 litre fuel tank enables a the­oretical driving range of 1,363 kilometres! The affordable price of this high-tech fuel-saver in Germany: 16,575 Euros.

Visits to the filling station also becomes infrequent on the new Golf BlueMotion (77 kW / 105 PS). Thanks to its low fuel consumption of just 3.8 litres diesel per 100 kilometres (99 g/km CO2), it is the most fuel-efficient car in its class. Its theo­retical range is 1,447 kilometres (55 litre tank). The new Golf BlueMotion will be launched in Germany at prices starting at 21,650 Euros. The driving range of the new Passat BlueMotion (77 kW / 105 PS) may very well be record-setting. With an average fuel consumption of just 4.4 litres diesel (114 g/km CO2), it can cover 1,591 kilometres thanks to its 70 litre tank! No other car of this size on the road today is more economical. The BlueMotionTechnolo­gies aboard the three super-economy cars make up a comprehensive package of extremely diverse high-tech components such as energy recovery in braking (regenerative braking) and a Stop-Start system (engine shut-off, e.g. at red lights) as well as custom features. Volkswagen will offer the Passat BlueMotion with these sustainable technologies and equipment features in Germany at prices starting at 27,850 Euros.

World premiere 7: Golf R as most powerful Golf ever
Automotive passion has always had something to do with performance. However, Volkswagen is demonstrating – in the world premiere of the new 199 kW / 270 PS Golf R at the IAA – that fuel consumption values can be corrected downward even in the high-end sports car area. The highlight here: While in the now retired Golf R32 (184 kW / 250 PS), 10.7 litres of fuel was processed by the injection system every 100 kilometres, on the new Golf R – thanks to a boosted high-tech TSI – the figure is just 8.5 litres, which is 2.2 litres or 21 percent less! The all-wheel drive Golf R (350 Newton-meter torque between 2,500 and 5,000 rpm) sprints to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds (Golf R DSG: 5.5 seconds) and reaches an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h. Two of the many identifying visual features of this exceptional Golf conceptualised by Volkswagen Individual: newly developed LED taillights and LED daytime running lights. The Golf R can be ordered in Germany starting at the end of this year.

Four new model variants: R-Line and Exclusive
The customising specialists at Volkswagen Individual have designed the “R-Line” for all those customers who want highly dynamic styling on the car body and interior in the spirit of the power-enhanced R models, yet they prefer a petrol or diesel engine with less power. The company is simultaneously presenting three entirely new models in global premieres at the IAA: the Golf R-Line, Scirocco R-Line and Passat CC R-Line. They will all be launched on the market this autumn. The Volkswagen Individual brand has also been repositioned; in the future it will market products under the “Volkswagen Exclusive” label and bundle a range of especially high-end models and equipment features. A dual premiere: The first Exclusive model to be offered will be the brand new Golf Estate; with its comprehensive set of high-end feature upgrades it is crossing over from an all-purpose vehicle to a lifestyle estate car.

World premieres 8 and 9: Multivan and California
Transporter, Caravelle, Multivan and California – those are the four basic versions of a millions bestseller. World premieres of the Multivan and California at the IAA represent a new generation of successful models now being launched by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The wide-ranging and improved new editions are more fuel efficient, lower in emissions, more economical, comfortable, safe, clever and impressive than ever before. Advance sales for all four basic versions are starting during the IAA. The body design of the bestseller now follows the new Volkswagen “design DNA”. This model series, referred to as the “T5” internally at Volkswagen, has also made a huge technical leap forward. Consider the engines: The new, more fuel efficient and extremely quiet turbo-diesels (TDIs from 62 kW / 84 PS to 132 kW / 180 PS) now have common rail injection. The new TDI engine enabled reductions in fuel consumption values of up to 1.9 litres and or an equivalent of 52 g/km in CO2 emissions; all engines also conform to the EU-5 emissions standard. A global first in this class is the optional 7-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) that is being introduced. Another option is a new, electronically controlled all-wheel drive system (4Motion).

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