Dave Redinger - The Neighbourhood Mechanic

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Dave Redinger - The Neighbourhood Mechanic

Dave is a licensed auto mechanic with over 40 years in the trade. For the past 24 years he has operated Dr. H. Honda Specialists in Etobcoke Toronto). Dave the neighborhood mechanic can be heard answering his neighbors car questions on AM740 radio each Saturday at 9 AM. Some of these conversations will also be published weekly here on The Auto Channel

November 16, 2005

First Dave’s Ditty:
I’ve been a mechanic for longer than I care to remember. With all that experience I can’t repair today’s high-tech cars without proper test equipment and 10’s of thousands in tools. The days of the do it yourself repair is has passed us by. Do yourself a favour find a qualified repair facility and use them…..now for this weeks best questions.

Hello Dave
I recently changed the pads, discs and drums on my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire GT, but not the shoes. Now when I apply the brakes from high speed the car begins to pulse. Do the discs have to go back on the lugs in any particular orientation? What do you think the problem could be?

If you feel the vibration in the steering wheel then the brake job is suspect, faulty parts or poor torque values. To check the rear brakes pull lightly on the emergency brake while driving. If you feel a pulse then the out of round is in the rear. I must warn you that modern braking systems are complicated and I personally feel that only qualified personnel should be attempting this type of repair...the consequences are too high.

Hi Dave.
I just picked up a 2000 Cherokee limited. When I drive down the highway I get a mix between a hum and a whistle. You can’t hear it at all under 60mph. You can barely hear it when accelerating from about 65 and up but when I let off the gas you can hear it clearly.. Does anyone know what might cause this?

There may be nothing wrong at all with your truck. Remember this is a truck and there's is alot going on under the floor-boards. 4x4’s carry extra axles, locking hubs and transfercases that car’s just don’t have. I would ask a tech to road test the vehicle and give you his opinion.

Dave Redinger will answer questions from viewers each week, to ask you can e-mail dave at stikky@ca,inter.net or go to www.am740.ca

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