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P205/70/R15. What is it?....... Actually it’s a common size if you’re buying tires. “P”? this tire is designed for passenger car use. “15”? Well that means the diameter of the rim is 15 inches. “205”, is the measurement of the cross section of the tire at the widest point in millimeters. “70” is the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio defines the relative height of the tire in respect to the width. “R”? it’s a radial. Tires affect a car’s handling, ride height and safety. So when it’s time to replace tires take time and ask questions. Remember, if the rubber on your ride is more than six years old it’s due for replacement.

I just bought a used car 2002 Toyota Corolla. It always moves to right when drive on the road. It is still a little bit after the tire was adjusted (aligned). What is the problem? Another issue for this car, this brand car supposes to be save gas, but my car consumed over 11 liters gas per 100 KM in city drive. What is the problem? I bought this car from dealer. If there are problems, what can I do for that?

Thanks for your help.


Pulling is usually a sign that the alignment is off...Have the dealership perform a four-wheel alignment. That means all four wheels will be aligned. In some instances the back wheels will steer the vehicle....After this done and the problem persist....have the tires rotated...there is a possibility that the tires are not square and pulling off to one side....this is referred to as radial run-out. Fuel mileage in the winter..."forgetaboutit". the cold weather plays havoc with fuel mileage...

Hi Dave I have a question or perhaps looking for a little reassurance. I bought a 1987 Cadillac Deville a couple of years ago from the auction as the body was very straight. I think they call it, “California Edition” it has an imitation convertible roof, Immaculate interior. It was from Arizona, had 298k on it paid 1300.00 never expected much from it but am surprised already as I am now at 352k and runs very well, mechanics' say the engine is still sound--I don't drive it hard and keep the oil changed how many miles could I reasonably expect to get out of it ??


Good news is as this car ages it become more valuable......

A car can run indefinitely as long as the body structure is solid. The main issue with running older vehicles is that the rubber and plastic components age. With age they harden causing cracking and making servicing difficult. Have your mechanic inspect the brake lines for rust and cracking. Pay attention to hoses, belts, etc. Purchase a silicone treatment and service the door and weather strip seals to keep them pliable. Continue those frequent oil changes.....by the way if you concerned about mileage contact any Airport limo driver...Most of those here in Toronto have close to a million kms. In fact I have two clients who have passed a million kms in a ….Honda Civic.

Dave Redinger a mechanic with over 40 yrs of experience operates his

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