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How and Why Big Oil Conquered The World +VIDEO

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The Most Grotesque of All Conspiracies

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Marc Rauch
By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

    "Regarding conspiracy theories, there's conspiracy conjecture and conspiracy fact. The first case is what it sounds like: Speculation. The second case is what it sounds like: Actuality. On any given day, in any part of the world, legally constituted courts and juries rule on conspiracy theories, often turning conspiracy conjecture into conspiracy fact.

    "The word theory also has two diametrically opposed meanings. The first instance is just an explorative supposition. The second is a specific process that explains and verifies something that's true."  MJR

In 2015, investtigative journalist James Corbett produced two extremely comprehensive feature length video documentaries that help to unravel the devastatingly explosive truth about the petroleum oil industry. The first video tells the story of HOW BIG OIL CONQUERED THE WORLD. This video sets forth how the son of a pernicious con man became the richest, and perhaps most powerful, man in the world; and how this man then used his wealth and power to invade all aspects of life simply to further enrich and empower himself and his family while poisoning everyone else in the world and causing wars. Obviously, this man is John D. Rockefeller.

James Corbett's second video, WHY BIG OIL CONQUERED THE WORLD, presents additional information about the Rockefeller family and a handful of other co-conspirators that is just as devastating, but is even more disturbing because it delivers further details about how some of the worst aspects of Nazism and Fascism were founded on the eugenics progressivism that was invented by the Rockefellers and their cabal. Furthermore, the video reveals how the Rockefeller gang was also responsible for inventing and disseminating the hysteria of climate change alarmism. What seems to be an impossible dichotomy of the petroleum oil industry causing catastrophic environmental disasters, and then constructing an intricate self-flagellation program that pretends to punish itself is in actuality a grand Orwellian big-brother scheme to monopolize and control the world.


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The internal combustion engine is literally and figuratively the "engine of freedom." But the fuel for that engine of freedom is not a petroleum oil-based fuel, which is controlled by Big Oil; it is ethanol. It's ethanol because ethanol can be produced by anyone, anywhere in the world from a wide variety of raw materials. You can make it, trade it, and share it yourself without utilizing a centralized big-brother-monitored banking system that records all your financial transactions. A stationary ethanol-powered internal combustion engine (a generator) can produce electricity without being monitored and controlled by big-brother's centralized electric grid. An ethanol-powered internal combustion engine mounted in a car, boat, or airplane allows anyone to travel wherever they wish without being monitored and controlled by big-brother's centralized filling and recharging stations. Ethanol-powered equipment keeps farming and food production in the hands of the people. Consequently, ethanol is the key to humanity's continued freedom and independence.

Keep the Party Rockin'

Fortunately, the two James Corbett videos presented above are not the only great exposés of the insidious oil industry. There are many other important resources that confirm the information and provide additional damning analysis. For example, another great video series on the subject is "THE PRIZE" based on Daniel Yergin's great book of the same title. Episode 1 of 8 can be watched in the video window below.

Josh and Rebecca Tickell created 4 excellent feature film documentaries related to the petroleum oil industry and its fuels. These videos are: "FUEL," "FREEDOM," "PUMP," and "THE BIG FIX." The film "PUMP" can be watched in its entirety in the video window below.

A video presentation of my report "THE HYPOCRISY OF BIG OIL," that I delivered at the 2018 National Ethanol Conference can be watched just below.

Edwin Black's live presentation of "HOW WE BECAME ADDICTED TO OIL..." that he delivered at the 2006 2006 Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica, California can be watched below. This presentation was based upon Edwin's best selling book "Internal Combustion."

In early 2020, during the initial stage of the Chinese pandemic hysteria, "PLANET OF THE HUMANS," a feature film documentary executive-produced by Michael Moore and directed by Jeff Gibbs was released world-wide online. Yes, this is that Michael Moore. You'd think, given Moore's usual positions, that this film would be all about how terrible petroleum oil fuels and products are (and they are terrible, make no mistake about it). But, the film actually tells a different story, one that backhandedly bashes the tree huggers and climate alarmists, while adding corroboration to the conspiracy story told by James Corbett's videos. The entire documentary can be watched in the window below:

• You can read my review and recap of this documentary by CLICKING HERE.

On the print side, there are these books:

    "THE SEVEN SISTERS" - Anthony Sampson
    "OIL POWER" - Carl Solberg

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And, there's my two books: 'THE ETHANOL PAPERS," and "YES, TIN LIZZIE WAS AN ALCOHOLIC." Both of my books are available to read online for free by clicking on the above links.

Some of my individual reports that illuminate the entire discussion include: