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PLANET OF THE HUMANS - Film Review by Marc Rauch +VIDEO


Film funded by Michael Moore destroys the alarmist climate change and environment movements - WATCH IT RIGHT HERE

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Producer

Marc Rauch
I am not a fan of Michael Moore. I am not a fan of his previous movies that I always felt were simply gross generalizations and misinformation from the left side of the political spectrum.

Last night, a new film from Moore's longtime associates Jeff Gibbs and Ozzie Zehner was released on YouTube. The film is executive-produced by Michael Moore. It is a remarkable film. It is remarkable for several reasons, not the least of which is that it annihilates many of the most sacrosanct people and entities involved in the Climate Change and "green" movements. The basic premise of the film is "why hasn't the green movement had more success; why hasn't the green movement been able to achieve their goals; and then ultimately, why haven't all the catastrophes (that were predicted) occurred - although this last point was never addressed in the film?

The film's creator/director and his associate (Jeff Gibbs, Ozzie Zehner, respectively) ask the question "WHAT THE F HAPPENED?" They then basically lay out the story that the perpetrators of the hoax - from Al Gore to the UN to Sierra Club, and many more - lied and misled those individuals prone to believe fairytales. These perpetrators may or may not have started out with the intention to invent the fraud, but as time went by and they were faced with the need to show results, they became more and more involved in grand deceptions. In laying all this out, they run over virtually every big name, big mouth alarmist and a great many of the most important corporate entities in the environment-custodian business, such as Sierra Club. They all come across as hypocrites and frauds.

The film exposes people like Al Gore as the charlatans and frauds that many have long insisted (me included). It destroys electric cars and the ridiculous notion that electric vehicles are any kind of hard-charging soon-arriving salvation. This film strikes a death-like blow to the left, although the film attempts to blame the right for allowing the evil to happen. In some ways this is not so far fetched, because as I've stated (and illustrated) in the past, the left side of the political spectrum is not truly polar opposite of the right side, it is really just a very short step away.


Does this film make egregious claims? Sure, after all Moore and his people are "Hollywood types, and to paraphrase the famous quote about never letting good crisis go to waste, Hollywood types never let an opportunity to exaggerate facts go to waste. But still, this film names names. It puts the people and entities on display mumbling and fumbling their way through the lies to try to explain away the deceit and fraud that they've perpetrated on the people of the world.

As I watched the film, I stopped on several occasions to jot down some observations. Here's a couple:

    At about 4 minutes 15 seconds, after including a short clip from a 1959 pseudo-science film, THE UNCHAINED GODDESS, director/narrator Jeff Gibbs says "We've known about the dangers of climate change for six decades. Actually, he's wrong, fear mongers have been warning about the dangers of climate change for about a century or more. For example, in 1922, scientists warned that very soon Arctic ice will melt and the sea will rise, making most coastal cities uninhabitable (read about this story from the Washington Post and AP by CLICKING HERE).

    It's surprising that they left out such a significant scientific pronouncement, but I guess they did so because the predicted catastrophe never came to pass...oh, how embarrassing is that?

    As of 49 minutes in, it seems to be that the solution to the "problem" will be the creation of one or more diseases that can kill off 50% to 75% of the world's population. So, do we now thank the Chinese for giving us Coronavirus and other deadly diseases? Gibbs just said: "The right has religion and unlimited belief in fossil fuels." He must have been talking to the wrong people on the right. My closest friends, relatives and I (we are on the right) have no belief in so-called fossil fuels. First, we know that fossil fuels is a misnomer, and second we know that petroleum oil fuels are poison.

    Interesting examples of how delusional the people in Vermont and Michigan are, but of course all you have to do and look to see who their state politicians are (Bernie Sanders, is one and there's no one more delusional than him).

    At 1:23:10, the narrator says "The takeover of environmentalism by capitalism is now complete," thereby claiming or insinuating that capitalism is evil. Capitalism isn't the evil doer, the evil doer(s) is the person or entity who committed the evil. There have been many, many warnings that Al Gore is a fraud; many warning that Sierra Club is a fraud; it's been known for years that the oil companies are liars, frauds and murderers. Much of this was enabled by people and other entities on the socialist side of the political spectrum, who insisted on celebrating Gore, the Clintons, Branson, Obama, Soros, RFK jr, Michael Moore himself, etc. etc. The Rockefellers helped fund Lenin, as well as the Nazis. These people are not the face of capitalism, they are the face of evil and they would take advantage of any system to accomplish their goals. They prey on the greed of others...on the delusional aspirations of others...on media celebrities who are looking for any opportunity to secure their positions and fame...and on the millions and millions of mentally or emotionally unstable individuals who are ill-equipped to handle the everyday challenges of life. Among the mentally/emotionally unstable is Michael Moore with his absurd claims that capitalism co-opted the climate change and environment movements, and that Donald Trump has anything to do with the evils presented in this film or the spread of Coronavirus. Climate change alarmism was always a fake. As the people behind it became aware of the fraud they co-opted capitalism to try and make more money off the scam.

This is a film that everyone should see (and it's FREE to watch). Will everyone watch it...of course not, but as revealed during the film's end credits, some of the worst offenders have watched it, and they seem to be taking steps to clean themselves up, or at least pretend to do so. Now we just have to get some people like Gore and the Green New Deal backers to shut up and go away. Here's the entire film:

In addition to watching the entire film, you can go to Michael Moore's personal YouTube channel to hear him talk about producing the film.

Now that the live stream launch of the film has taken place, let me give you my review of the event:

During Wednesday night's live video stream launch of the film, Michael Moore, Jeff Gibbs, and Ozzie Zehner talk about the film. In my opinion, the shit has already hit the left-wing climate alarmist fan because Michael Moore seemed to work overtime to offer apologies to the skewered entities and certain politicians, like Bernie Sanders and the nitwit bartender from New York. He attempted again and again to portray the situation as if capitalism and the right-wing climate deniers high-jacked the movement; not that it was a failure of factual evidence and greed on the part of comrade left-wingers. In online pre-event comments that he offered the night before (Tuesday, April 21st), Moore tried to blame Donald Trump for some of the high-jacking and for the spread of Coronavirus. I guess he forgot that Trump has only been in office a little over 3 years.

The Wednesday live stream launch should have ended 15 minutes or so before it did. The thing that kept it going was Michael Moore's repeating over and over that capitalism (the right) is to blame for the failures. Moore goes so far as to say that a whole new environment movement should begin, and that the members of organizations like Sierra Club should go around the "crooked" executives and take charge of it.

The film shoots down the radical green movement. Unless the creators go back in to re-edit, add new voice overs and interviews, it will forever be the beacon that illuminates the movement's wayward actions. I suspect that some attempt will be made to mitigate the film's glare of reality in the near future. I was able to download a full copy of the film, so it'll be interesting to examine any subsequent releases against the original, and I'm sure I'm not the only one to have done so.


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