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Ethanol Stakeholders Show You Believe In Ethanol As Much As The Auto Channel Does. Support This Promotion Proposal From Your Content Led Media Influencer

NEAT Implementation Will Increase Motorist Demand For "Grown In America" Ethanol Fuels

WARNING: This letter contains Dirty Laundry

Opportunity Is Coming: Although Ethanol Fuel Advantages Have Become Invisible and Inconsequential, Buried Under Their Industry Silence, The Auto Channel's 20+ Year Old Editorial Position That "Battery Electric Power For Vehicles Is A Scam" Is Gaining Traction.

Although The Auto Channel has no financial dog in the fight our efforts and successes to spread the truths about Ethanol Fuel these past 16 years have been because of our belief that "its the right thing", even if it strains our financial viability. Now due to circumstances beyond our historical control we have reached an unfortunate point where we cannot grow or even sustain our efforts without Ethanol Industry monetary support.

Frankly The Auto Channel management is tired of receiving no paid support for our all-in efforts to raise Ethanol Fuel's top of mind awareness, and ethanol a multi-billion dollar for profit industry. Despite The Auto Channel providing millions of dollars worth of media and marketing to promote Ethanol there is no Quid Pro Po, just an unfair one way street...enough! Ad Age says that Social Media Influencers are paid tens of thousands of dollars for each piece of posted content, and The Auto Channel is there for Ethanol 365 Days a year.Its time to do what's right enough freeloading.

Ethanol Stakeholder's historically contribute to support paid-for professional communications and marketing entities, but their results show that despite the monetary resources invested Ethanol Fuel has become invisible and inconsequential. Ethanol Truth has become a non-starter among influencers; invisible to consumers, invisible to alt fuel journalists, invisible to alt fuel seminar organizers, invisible to the decision makers who are determining which fuels will be contenders in the future trilion dollar mobility fuel fight.

For Almost Two Decades The Auto Channel:

  • Is The Only Automotive Web Site That Believes In Ethanol Even When Virtually All Of The Media And The Government Are Focused On Promoting EV's
  • Is The Only Automotive Site With Proven Tools and Knowledge To Promote Ethanol
  • Is The Only Automotive Site With Proven Tools and Knowledge To Counter “Everyone Just Knows That Ethanol Fuel Is Bad”
  • Is The Only Automotive Site With Proven Tools and Knowledge To Counter “Everyone Just Knows That "The Ethanol Mandate" Is To Please Corn Farmers”
  • Is The Only Automotive Site With Proven Tools and Knowledge To Deliver “The True Facts About Ethanol”
  • With Your Support The Auto Channel Can Expand Comunication With Motorists, Auto Journalists, Educators, Communicators and Influencers, A Plan That Can “Make Ethanol Visible and Take It Out Of The Dark Place”.

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Nobody Knows This - Nobody

Auto Central July 4, 2023; As the result of over a century of willful dissemination of untruthful anti-ethanol propaganda almost everyone in our society "JUST KNOWS" that Ethanol is bad and will harm their vehicles, and that ethanol has been forced upon American motorists in order to politically please America's Corn Growing farmers.

Surprised? You reap what you sow, what other result can you expect when the Ethanol Industry disregarded efforts to support our plan NEAT!*) created by The Auto Channel for a communications effort that is designed to educate current Ethanol customers, auto technicians, automotive curriculum educators, auto journalists, fuel retailers and motorist influencers, but instead of supporting the creation of a grass root groundswell of understanding of the better fuel the Ethanol Industry stakeholders agreed to entrust its budget to communicate with political decision makers and uncaring bureaucrats. The E15 victory should have happened 13 years ago.

Over the years we have been asked why does The Auto Channel with no financial Dog-In-The-Fight  act like we want more “success” for Ethanol; more than distillers, more than farmer member associations, more than farm equipment suppliers, more than seed suppliers, even more than Ethanol promotion organizations? A consequential question we are now asking ourselves and you should as well.

Any communications targeted to help grow the Ethanol grassroots sector in the past has been whispered instead of shouted, are you ashamed of the difference-making competitive advantages of Ethanol fuel.

Despite the pervasive negative "common knowledge", The Auto Channel BELIEVES that Ethanol's native truths of motorist benefits when orchestrated from a common sense marketing playbook can overcome historic anti-Ethanol lies.

Today your industry's alt fuel position proves you have been “doing it wrong”, we know that good people honestly tried their best but agreeing to entrust virtually all of Ethanol marketing budget to communicate with politicians, bureaucrats and other government officials has not worked, it has never worked. Our Ethanol Team can show you vivid examples of the failure of your expensive efforts.

Success will come not from talkers but from The Auto Channel doer's, they will build a realistic economical plan to awaken a grassroots groundswell of positive support for Ethanol at the E15, E85 and blender pumps...that's the surest way for Ethanol to lock-in a positive and profitable long term position.

This outcome can be realized because of the combined 150 years of The Auto Channel's media and marketing history, communications knowledge and in house library of Ethanol intelligence and marketing. Application of these building blocks from our experienced knowledgeable consumer facing independent third party media that uniquely owns its bully-pulpit, can aggressively deliver facts and hard-hitting reactionary op-ed communication of provable Ethanol Truths that will be unmatched.

Other alt-fuel options, including EV and Propane are investing in motorist communications. As an example the Electric Vehicle Industry is spending $10 Million to communicate its fairy-tales. Just imagine the promotional budgets Big Oil expends to continue to promote their brands...tens of millions of dollars every year.

After giving Ethanol free media support, timely reactive op-eds, marketing concept execution, in-person event representation, Ethanol lobbying associations treat us more like an enemy than a partner. No Ethanol Stakeholder paid for entity has seriously discussed the relationship between Ethanol and The Auto Channel. No Ethanol advocate organization has reached out to ethanol's best media friend in the world to offer industry level monetary support.

The bottom line is that we just can't afford giving it away anymore. The Auto Channel's exclusive singular ALL-IN pro-Ethanol editorial position has eliminated our opportunity to acquire a share of the plentiful auto industry product advertising revenue, our situation is exacerbated because NO OFFSETTING REVENUE has been coming from the Ethanol Industry.

The Solution To Nobody Gives A Positive Thought About Ethanol

The contents of this letter do not constitute a charitable solicitation but a mutually beneficial opportunity to expand The Auto Channel's prototype Ethanol marketing program, an offering that is easy to test, to adapt and easy to understand. It also provides the needed quid pro quo to ensure that ETHANOL will continue to benefit from The Auto Channel's abilities to serve as a trusted advocate for the overall success of Ethanol Fuel,


  • The Auto Channel will provide media exposure, a minimum of 20,000 highly visible banner ad impressions daily aimed at its auto-centric audience communicating the pro-ethanol position and its benefits.
  • Editorial support of the Ethanol position, including both new efforts as well as the maintenance of viewer and search engine access to the thousands of pro-ethanol elements that currently reside in The Auto Channel libraries.
  • Quick Response pro-ethanol op-ed outreach to counter the daily anti-ethanol barrage. 1000 Copies Of The 640 Page Book "The Ethanol Papers" Authored By Marc Rauch will be distributed given to appropriate public libraries, college libraries, community college libraries, private technical school libraries and high school libraries that offer automotive technical programming.
  • Ethanol and Automotive industry events supported by members of the Auto Channel Ethanol Team. (plus T&L)

    These four effective elements will boost Ethanol understanding, motorist sales, and become a meaningful starting point for influencer support and an editorial safe-place for millions of citizens who recognize the folly of the EV fairy-tale.

    To institute this plan and its new elements we need Ethanol Industry Stakeholders to commit to pay for the actions of this Auto Channel Ethanol Marketing Plan for an initial period of 24 months at $34,500 per month, less inclusive programs available.

    Each participating sponsor will receive visual identification, editorial promotion and notoriety for their support positions, republishing rights to every Ethanol article in our libraries for use on the sponsor's web site or as content for their email drops.

    The income will allow us to begin a second step that can compete for top of mind awareness with the entrenched miss-information and beliefs of the American motoring community replacing them with Ethanol Truths.

    Ethanol Truth, Your Industry Needs It, America Needs it.


    Bob Gordon,

    Marc Rauch, Co-founder

    Bioethanol Market worth $114.7 billion by 2028 - Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets™

    CHICAGO, June 16, 2023 -- The report "Bioethanol Market by Feedstock (Starch based, Sugar based, Cellulose-based), Fuel blend (E5, E10, E15 to E70, E75& E85), End-use (transportation, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, alcoholic beverages), Generation And Region Global Forecast to 2028", The market for bioethanol is approximated to be USD 83.4 billion in 2023, and it is projected to reach USD 114.7 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 6.6%.

    The demand for bioethanol is mainly driven by end-use industries. The growing recognition of the environmental consequences associated with fossil fuels, including greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, has generated increased interest in renewable and sustainable energy sources. Bioethanol, derived from renewable biomass, presents a viable solution with a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional fossil fuels.

    Browse in-depth TOC on "Bioethanol Market"

    243 – Tables
    48 – Figures
    221 – Pages

    Download PDF Brochure:

    By feedstock, starch-based accounted for the largest share in 2022.

    Starch-based bioethanol has gained recognition as a promising renewable fuel source due to various factors driving its growth and utilization. A significant driver is the ample availability of starch feedstocks for bioethanol production. Crops rich in starch, such as corn, wheat, and barley, are cultivated extensively across multiple regions, ensuring a sustainable and easily accessible source of starch for bioethanol manufacturing. the abundance of starch feedstocks, compatibility with existing infrastructure, environmental benefits, rural development opportunities, and supportive government policies are significant drivers that fuel the expansion and utilization of starch-based bioethanol. These drivers contribute to the advancement of renewable energy goals, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the promotion of sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

    By End-Use Industry, Transportation accounted for the largest share in 2022

    PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

    Bioethanol is widely used in transportation end-use industries. government policies and incentives play a significant role in driving the adoption of bioethanol in the transportation industry. Many countries have implemented renewable fuel standards and mandates that require a certain percentage of biofuels, including bioethanol, to be blended into transportation fuels. These policies create a stable and expanding market for bioethanol, driving its demand and offering opportunities for increased production, investment, and research and development.

    Request Sample Pages:

    Asia Pacific is projected to register the highest CAGR for the bioethanol market in 2022

    Asia Pacific is projected to register the highest CAGR in 2022, in this market. This is attributed to the rapidly expanding region's energy demand playing a crucial role. With rapid economic growth and population expansion, there is a rising need for sustainable energy sources. Bioethanol offers an attractive solution by providing a renewable and cleaner alternative to conventional fossil fuels. As countries in the Asia Pacific region strive to meet their energy demands while addressing environmental concerns, bioethanol emerges as a promising option to reduce carbon emissions and promote a greener energy landscape.

    Market Players :

    The key players profiled in the Bioethanol Market report are POET LLC (US), Archer Daniels Midland Company (US), Green Plains (US) and Valero Energy (US), Pacific Ethanol (US) The Anderson Inc. (US), Flint Hills Resources (US), Tereos (France) and others.

    Browse Adjacent Market: Green Bio Chemicals Market Research Reports & Consulting

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