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EV Lobbying Group "Electrify America" Investing $10 million To Help Insure Government Incentives From Democrat's Trillion Dollar Giveaway Of Your Taxes Continue For EV Adoption - OK We Surrender


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Editor's Note: We can't continue to fight the anti ethanol establishment alone unless things change we will have to surrender...after 17 years of immersing The Auto Channel in editorial to support Ethanol our tank is running dry and we can't continue to be the only non-paid (and best) over-the-top supporter of the multi-billion dollar Ethanol industry without an agreed to “quid pro quo” that will contain a well-deserved monetary support plan so we can continue our Ethanol Truth effort.

Without monetary support from the Ethanol Industry or Stakeholders we will have to discontinue our (we have no dog in the fight) lonely battle supporting ETHANOL just because its "the right thing to do".

Over the past 17 years our ad sales results have been diminished because The Auto Channel's robust anti-petroleum fuel and pro-Ethanol editorial positions turns off potential advertisers that disagree with our editorial position, No matter how Important, large and desirable our audience is, anti-ethanol'ers do not buy paid advertising with us.

Our problem is compounded because our Ethanol "friends" do not support us...they only take and expect even more, that may sound harsh but its true and hurtful to all of us who have given of ourselves to the support thee Ethanol Industry because we believe that it's the right thing to do, but at some point you must stop the bleeding.

We are revenue deficient and now we are running out of the reserve capital that has allowed us to give away space and time for Ethanol education and promotion for free, free to a billion dollar industry that should gladly budget manageable support for The Auto Channel.

As a result of our lack of monetary support we have two options; 1 - Convince the Ethanol industry stakeholders to step-up with a budget because it is in their industry's best interest,and will be lights-out if they lose the many benefits that The Auto Channel provides. 2- Reduce our all-in pro-ethanol editorial position and eliminate our popular and effective timely retorts to published and broadcast anti-ethanol op-eds, ethanol lies in news, essays and articles, To keep on a positive business footing we can transition into just another "no alt fuel opinions", but well remunerated car site, that doesn't editorially support America or disseminate any "Ethanol Truth”.

Option 2 is not something we want to do, but may have to...come'on ethanol industry do what's right to insure that the only pro-ethanol mainstream automotive site, and ethanol's best friend on the web, is financially secure enough to continue it's creative, editorial and technical elements that can keep the "Truth About Ethanol" discover able by America's motorists in perpetuity.

Marc and I believe that American drivers will become sick and tired of the many downsides of BEV-Motoring and when their dissatisfaction reaches a tipping point, auto makers will respond to the market by offering a new breed of powerful environmentally friendly, low emission ICE powered vehicles that use ethanol, the green, renewable, domestic mobility fuel. ICE vehicles unlike BEV's will provide drivers with expected road freedom, a freedom that can only be achieved by using America's Ethanol.

Come'on farmers and distillers give The Auto Channel tht has put their energy and capital where their mouth is to support you, now it's time for you to budget the means for us to continue our joint battle for America's mobility future.

This $10 million Electrify America program is similar in concept and scope to NEAT - National Ethanol Action Team,, is an ethanol educational program that we conceived, developed and authored in response to a request made to us by members of the NCGA promotion committee and presented to them at the NCGA annual meeting in St. Louis. Our proposal was dismissed out of hand without discussion or civility, NEAT could lay the groundwork to communicate honest Ethanol education and adoption.

Help Keep Ethanol Truth Discoverable

Below is the Electrify America campaign called “As Seen on EV” uses popular streaming TV genres as inspiration to educate consumers and encourage EV adoption

Electrify America's New Brand-Neutral Marketing Campaign Shows "Electric Vehicles Are Worth Watching" and Driving

The campaign called “As Seen on EV” uses popular streaming TV genres as inspiration to educate consumers and encourage EV adoption

Reston, VA (Nov. 2, 2022) – Electrify America, the nation’s largest open DC fast charging network for electric vehicles (EVs), today launched a new brand-neutral marketing campaign titled “As Seen on EV.”  

Modeled after popular streaming television content, “As Seen on EV” aims to educate on and shift common misperceptions about EV ownership like driving range and charging access by highlighting the positive realities of living with an EV.  Spanning TV genres from dramas and reality-dating shows to telenovela, the campaign showcases the benefits of driving electric by making EVs the star of the show.  At launch, three video ads will be available with additional videos to be released later in the campaign.

Click HERE to see the campaign website.

Video ads or “shows” in the campaign include:

Reality dating show theme – Highlights EV attributes of sporty styling and quiet driving along with the ability to charge an EV at home or on the road.

Historical drama theme – Spotlights the instant torque and fast acceleration that EVs provide along with generally lower routine maintenance requirements than gas-power vehicles.

Western theme – Showcases range capability and interesting features only found in EVs like the trunk in the front or “frunk”

Telenovela theme – Informs viewers that EVs have zero tailpipe emissions. (Released later in the campaign.)

Courtroom drama – Focuses on the wide variety of models and styles of electric vehicles to suit different needs. (Released later in the campaign.)

The campaign’s website –  – is now live with additional content to help further learning about EVs and their benefits. The multifaceted campaign is part of Electrify America’s investment to not only expand zero emission vehicles (ZEV) infrastructure and availability, but also to help educate consumers about ZEVs during this major shift to electric transportation.

“Just as streaming TV redefined how people watch television, EVs are redefining transportation,” said Misti Murphey, director of Brand Strategy & Integrated Marketing at Electrify America. “The ?As Seen on EV’ campaign allows us to meet consumers where they are – in the now familiar medium of streaming TV – to build consumer confidence about EVs.”

“As Seen on EV” content will also be available on the YouTube channel As Seen On EV. A digital toolkit- with shareable content is available for those who want to help spread the word about the benefits of driving EV.

The digital campaign, developed with creative agency Praytell, will run nationally through July 2024. The ads will run as online video, digital display, paid social, streaming audio, paid search and digital out of home.

About Electrify America
Electrify America LLC, the largest open DC fast charging network in the U.S., is investing more than $2 billion in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure, education and access. The investment will enable millions of Americans to discover the benefits of electric driving and support the build-out of a nationwide network of ultra-fast community and highway chargers that are convenient and reliable. Electrify America and Electrify Canada expect to have more than 1,800 total charging stations with over 10,000 individual chargers in the United States and Canada combined by 2026. During this period, Electrify America will be expanding to 49 states and the District of Columbia, supporting increased ZEV adoption with a network that is comprehensive, technologically advanced and customer friendly.

Electrify America earned the 2020 and 2021 “EV Charging Infrastructure Best-in-Test” award from umlaut, an infrastructure and benchmarking specialist, now part of Accenture, as published in Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine. Electrify America’s Electrify Home® offers home charging solutions for consumers with flexible installation options. Electrify Commercial® provides expert solutions for businesses looking to develop electric vehicle charging programs.

For more information, visit and

Media Contact
Tara Geiger, Electrify America, 571-352-6194

Mike Moran, Electrify America, 703-872-7936

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