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What Coronavirus Teaches Us About Climate Change

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Don't count your calamities before they're spawned

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

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Marc Rauch
The greatest specter of doom and gloom hanging over planet Earth is catastrophic man-made global climate change, formally called "Anthropogenic global warming" or "AGW."

People who champion the belief that AGW is occurring, and work at spreading this belief are alarmists. People who disbelieve it's happening, or disbelieve the causes and consequences, are deniers.

Excessive warming; cooling; radical or so-called abnormal weather conditions; anything featuring immoderate atmospheric changes and events (tornadoes/hurricanes/precipitation) are all now attributed to human actions by fear-mongering alarmists as if Mother Nature herself has ceded all natural occurrences to us mere mortals. It doesn't matter to alarmists which weather event is happening as long as it can be exaggerated and arouse the imagination of those looking for a meaning to life or a pot of gold, or both.

(If you'd like to know if I am an alarmist or a denier, and why I am one or the other, read my paper on the subject by CLICKING HERE.)

Proof of catastrophic man-made climate change has eluded alarmists. Temperature comparison data is unreliable and defective because the parameters are inconsistent and un-comparable (what is measured, where it's measured, and by whom is it measured are moving targets - sometimes fictional targets). Anecdotal reporting is typically nothing more than amped up media hyperbole designed to secure audience ratings. Not every severe storm is the "storm of the century," and claiming to have a "storm of the century" four or five times in every generation strains all credulity, but media outlets do it anyway because they know that there is an abundance of news junkies looking for a fix.

Claims of broad scientific consensus that man-made climate change exists have been lies and exaggerations, which led to the subsequent rush to retroactively invent information that attempts to confirm these lies and exaggerations (in particular, I'm referring to the baseless and irresponsible claims that 97% of all scientists blah, blah, blah). Added to the difficulty in establishing undeniable proof of impending calamity are the previous predictions of catastrophic climate change (natural and man-made) that never materialized. For instance, see:

In place of proof and accurate comparable data, computer modeling has been offered as evidence. Computer modeling of any subject matter is often very questionable, and as it pertains to catastrophic man-made climate change it has continuously been inaccurate. If AGW computer modeling was accurate we would either already be dead or well on our way to being dead. Neither of these two situations is true. Yet, the fact that climate change computer modeling has been wrong doesn't stop the alarmists from using it as corroboration that AGW is happening. If anything, the continuous inaccuracy emboldens the alarmists who figure that it has to eventually be correct. Anyone who has ever played craps, roulette, blackjack, slot machines, or bet on horses knows that it is possible to never be correct.

Computer modeling has been used to determine the spreading cause of the Coronavirus and predict the course of action against the spread of diseases, such as the Chinese Coronavirus. The computer simulations are the same basic models used to predict climate change issues. The difference between the two types of computer modeling is that the climate change modeling has been taking place over several years, while the Coronavirus modeling has taken place over only a matter of weeks. On the climate change side, the world has generally moved slowly on adopting the modeling conclusions, while on the Coronavirus side the modeling conclusions were accepted as fact and actions were rapidly taken.

I'm not suggesting that the swift national reaction (check that, the swift international reaction) to Coronavirus of shutting things down was not called for. I think it was appropriate because the virus came on like a bullet. Medical, science, and government officials needed time to understand what is and was happening.

However, in the relatively short time since the Cornonavirus computer modeling started, we now know that the predicted results were highly inflated compared to actual results. Even though computer modeling data took into account mandated and recommended sheltering, as well as the new dance known as "social distancing," the modeling has been wrong. Reality has not lived up to prediction.
(SEE: Coding that led to lockdown was 'totally unreliable'...)

An important factor to consider is that any death of someone who has been infected with Coronvirus is counted as a result of Coronoavirus, even though the death occurred from other, or precondition reasons. This means that true Coronavirus deaths are that much lower.

This isn't to say that Coronavirus is not dangerous and deadly, because it most definitely is. And I recognize that the threat from Coronavirus isn't over. Any intentional or accidental 'carelessness' could make a big difference in how the story ends.

But a lot of things are dangerous and deadly. There are lots of viruses and illnesses that fit this description; there are lots of common everyday activities that are dangerous and deadly, such as injuries and deaths related to automobiles and transportation. Yet we don't forbid people from driving or riding in cars, or restrict them to only driving and riding when it's for essential business.


Turning back to the issue of climate, as I mentioned earlier, computer modeling for catastrophic man-made climate change proved itself to be wrong years ago. Although enormous effort is expended on a regular basis by professional and amateur alarmists in trying to 'wish' everyday results that match up with the dire predictions, it hasn't come to pass. This, of course, is great news for the sane, unfortunately it isn't celebrated by alarmists as good news. It sounds funny to say, but it's true; they want the world to be on a Hollywood-style collision course with disaster. To them it's a grave disappointment that we're not - pun intended.

An interesting side note is that much like the way that some deaths are incorrectly attributed to Coronavirus, climate alarmists incorrectly attribute any change in routine or mundane weather conditions to AGW. To paraphrase Sigmund Freud, sometimes a storm is just a storm, a heat spell is just a heat spell, and a blizzard is just a blizzard.

Ultimately we should all be thankful that the climate change computer modeling predictions weren't adopted as fact because if closing down the economy for a couple of weeks or a month or two is terrible, imagine the total devastation that would occur to public spirit and the world's economies if we had to shut things down for a few years waiting for an imaginary solution to the imaginary problem of catastrophic man-made climate change!


There are two old sports axioms that should be considered when thinking about computer modeling:

    1. "That's why they play the game."
    2. "On any given Sunday."

In context, both of these axioms mean that despite what the team/player comparisons look like on paper, the actual results of physical competition can, and often do, produce results that are far different than what might be predicted and sometimes imagined. Neither the human brain (computer) nor a mechanical brain (computer) can correctly predict the outcome of a sports event or a natural event - they can suggest scenarios, and one of the scenarios might closely meet the actual eventual outcome, but it's still just a guess. This is why, on any given Sunday one NFL team can beat another, and it's why MLB baseball games are played on a field not on a kitchen table using a pair of dice and statistic charts. It's also why the "tale of the tape" is never used to decide the outcome of a boxing match; the fight is fought with real punches thrown and landed.

The end result to all this is that while we still face a little more tough times getting out from under Coronavirus, everyone should recognize that we are free from the debilitating worry over catastrophic man-made climate change. There is no proof; there are no trustworthy computer models; there is no catastrophic man-made climate change; it's all been a hoax.

And if there's any doubt in anyone's mind that it's all been a hoax, watch Michael Moore's new film "PLANET OF THE HUMANS" on YouTube or by CLICKING HERE


Does this mean that we don't have a big problem with pollution? Does this mean that we don't have severe environmental issues? Does this mean that there are no health risks associated with engine emissions and manufacturing waste? No, we do have a big problem with pollution; with environmental accidents; with overall ecology. And it is catastrophic, it's just that it doesn't involve the world getting enveloped by ice or bursting into flames because we love having the ability to drive our own vehicles to grandma's house on any given day. Perhaps we could look at it as a metaphoric climate change in how we should emotionally view the issues, as in being icy cold against the causes of the pollution and environmental disasters; or getting fired up angry over being lied to and misled about facts related to the causes.

For more than a century, the world has been at the mercy of the petroleum plague. Some have called petroleum oil "Black Gold." In reality it's BLACK DEATH; different than the Black Death that ravaged Earth 700 years ago; although it's just as vicious and deadly. The petroleum plague has resulted in global wars, physical and mental illnesses, famine, and economic ruin that has killed or disabled hundreds of millions of people...perhaps billions of people - not to mention the untold number of other mammals, birds, and fish that have fallen victim to petroleum plague. This isn't a matter of data-modeling and computer-aided conjecture, this is honest-to-goodness fact. If there was ever a scourge that we should be quarantined against, it's the petroleum plague. We have been addicted to petroleum oil fuels (along with its related poisons benzene, toluene, xylene, tetraethyl lead, ethylene bromide, naphtha, and kerosene), since the second half of the 19th century. This is the calamity of biblical proportions; the world has just been slow in realizing it.

The good news is that there is an answer to this epidemic. There is a solution. There is a vaccine and cure in one formula. It's not a silver bullet, it's a platinum bullet, and it's available right now. It doesn't require waiting months, years, or decades for the technology to mature. It doesn't require buying over-priced electric vehicles from the originating country of the doesn't even require buying batteries from the Coronavirus nation that are made with materials mined using slave labor.

The solution is a domestic one. It's producible in any country in the world using multiple different natural and domestic raw materials. It's safer, cleaner, healthier, and more powerful than petroleum oil fuels. It's production offers employment and business opportunities to hundreds of millions of people, who don't have to leave their own home countries and cultures (unless they want to). This solution doesn't require patents or licensing the use of patents. It doesn't require new technology, and it doesn't require any testing, it is a proven product...a household is ethanol.


This isn't the time for the ethanol industry to be struggling. This isn't the time to allow the ethanol distilleries and farmers to wallow. This is the perfect time to transition to an ethanol-based transportation society. This is the time to mandate the use of E50 and above in every single spark-ignited internal combustion engine vehicle, regardless of year of manufacture. This is the time to transition to 100% biodiesel fuels for all diesel fuel engines and generators (made from or with alcohols and other equally safe and abundant raw materials). This is the time to mandate that all new internal combustion engines be designed and built to run on E85 or higher fuels (or B100 fuels for diesel engines). This is the time to transition to the use of ethanol for the hundreds of other uses that petroleum oil is used for (packaging, rubber, printing inks, cosmetics, plastics, etc.). This is the time to send the OPEC nations and other enemy/frenemy nations packing. If they want to use their poison in their countries to poison their own people, fine, let them. But we don't need their poison; those pollutants any longer. If an oil company wants to remain in the fuels business, make money, and serve their fellow citizens then they should transition to be a fuel company, not an oil company. They should use their business acumen and distribution capabilities to manufacture and sell ethanol fuels.

This is the time to provide gainful employment to vast numbers of people around the world growing "energy crops" and producing ethanol and methanol.

This is what the Coronavirus pandemic should be teaching us and inspiring us to do.

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