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China EV Domination Supported By "Blind Leading The Blind" Anti American US Elected Officials And Their "Know-it-all" Aides And Worthless Lemming-like American Car Execs

China Number 1 In EV Future

The following is an Auto Channel Green Wheels Report; relevant content for car shoppers and auto enthusiasts concerned with alt-fuels, fuel economy, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel-cells and saving our planet by reducing exhaust emissions

China EV News Library

Originally Published June 2018, Updated When We Get Pissed Off Enough

TACH's TAKE: Because most elected politicians are just too ignorant about alt fuels or are in Big Oil's pocket to make make an independent alt fuel decision, they delegate "their alt fuel position" decision to just as ignorant "expert" aides to determine which alt to support and because its in vogue and safe they support Electric vehicles. So these know nothings hurt America and help China...just look at the support and money being spent on Electric vs Ethanol a real gasoline alternative.

Think we are paranoid? well wake the f--k up! It's in Silicon Valley's and China's best interest to emasculate automobiles and create a ground swell for a "Transportation Appliances" industry that replaces traditional automobile design and manufacturing. In a new electric and autonomous transportation world they can both dominate, just how many Chinese citizens with advanced degrees earned at American universities are employed at digital transportation companies in Silicon Valley?

It would sure be refreshing to read some EV news without the focus of the event being CHINA, CHINA, CHINA...

Editor's Note: New EV Corporate Welfare Proposed - WTF?:

  • New legislation is expected to be introduced by a group of bipartisan (Stupid Self Serving Politicians From Auto Making States; Democrats Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, Republican Senators Lamar Alexander and Susan Collins) lawmakers to expand the electric vehicle giveaway tax credit by 400K vehicles per manufacturer.
  • Their "Driving America Forward Act" would give each automaker a $7K tax credit for an additional 400K vehicles in addition to the current 200K vehicles eligible for the $7.5K tax credits. The phase-out period would be shortened to nine months. The legislation would also extend the hydrogen fuel cell credit through 2028.

Electric Car Sales Fall for First Time After China Cuts Subsidy

September 3, 2019; Yahoo said that Bloomberg reported that Global electric-car sales fell for the first time in modern history in July after China scaled back purchase subsidies, highlighting the role government assistance is having on the burgeoning market.

Monthly sales worldwide fell 14% to about 128,000 plug-in passenger electric vehicles, Sanford C. Bernstein said in a report Tuesday. Sales declined in China and North America, while rising in Europe.

Growth in China, the biggest producer and market for electric vehicles, is slowing down as a reduction in EV subsidies and a cooling economy weigh on consumers’ buying decisions. China’s government scaled back funding for individual purchases of new-energy vehicles starting June 26 to encourage carmakers to focus on product innovation.

While electric vehicles account for just a few percent of the car market, automakers are betting on the segment for future growth. Slowing demand for gas guzzlers has plunged automobile markets worldwide into a decline, led by a historic drop in China.
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WSJ Opinion: Subsidize My Electric Vehicle, Please

The great myth of political subsidies for business is that they will help an industry get started and then go away. We’ll soon see if Congress can for once live up to its temporary promise and block the emerging effort to continue subsidizing the affluent to buy electric cars.

Wyoming Republican John Barrasso is circulating a letter asking Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to reject an expansion or extension of the electric-vehicle tax credit sponsored by Democratic Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, Republican Senators Lamar Alexander and Susan Collins and Democratic Representative Dan Kildee. The federal government currently provides a $7,500 consumer tax break for an auto maker’s first 200,000 cars, drops to $3750 For EV's sold during the next 56 months and currently then drops to $0.

The US taxxpayer has been underwriting EV's for 30 F'n years...30! Now two senators are proposing extending a $7000 buyer credit when a car maker reaches their 200,000 EV sold, (which we believe will not help anybody other than the rich buyers, Car Companies, Big Oil, Big Power and China) and cost Americans 10 BILLION over the next 10 years (WTF).
Ed Note: The support of EV's does the worst thing possible delays the ubiquitous replacement for poison gasoline by Domestic, Green, American Owned Tried and True Ethanol Also See: Electric Vehicles, Solution or Diversion?

Wyoming Senetor John Barrasso (R) Has Cojones and Brains To Fight Anti-American EV Propaganda

California and eight other states unveil an ambitious plan to boost sales of electric cars.

No Matter What, Schmuck...EV's Can't Be Made To Fuel The Existing 300 Million Gasoline Burning Cars Ever...But Ethanol Can! Wake Up Washington, Enough Being Traitorous Or Just Plain Stupid.