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Is Everyone Happy? OPEC Sure Is

Thanks MAD magazine...Alfred doesn't worry why should you?

By Bob Gordon
The Auto Channel

Louisville, KY June 11, 2014; In an AP story published today titled "OPEC Keeps Output Target At 30 Million Barrels", OPEC Secretary General Abdullah Al-Badry was quoted as saying; "We have a very comfortable price and the market is very stable."

The story went on to say that many OPEC members are at their production capacity limits, but said Iran (a freedom loving country) can boost output to 4 million barrels ($436,000,000)a day within months (so much for sanctions, apparently Big Oil cares more about the bottom line than they do about democracy and freedom.

The article also pointed out that Iraq in spite of the chaos on the ground still will be exporting 3 million barrels a day ($327,000,000), mostly to China I might add.

Anticipating a potential tightening of supply because of increased demand in developing countries, and reduced production caused by political and military chaos in Libya, Venezuela, and Nigeria, our friends the Saudi's said that they can help the world out by increasing their oil exports to 12 million barrels a day ($1.3 billion a day!!!!) what a bunch of altruistic (al·tru·istic an unselfish concern for the welfare of others) good guys.

So here we go again, what is wrong with the mainstream press leaving it to two old guys from Brooklyn (the owners of The Auto Channel) to fight Big Oil's collective political and journalistic bribery in order to maintain the 100 year old gasoline monopoly? As we have said "until Americans are not dependent on oil for our mobility freedom, we will continue to be controlled by the very people who are financing the terrorists and Jihadists who are killing our children and killing and enslaving freedom loving Muslims". Just imagine the positive impact on the U.S. economy when the reduced cost of every fill-up stays here in America and the expendable income of everyday Americans grows exponentially.

Oh by the way; how come with the record breaking increase in oil production (drill baby drill) here in the U.S. our gasoline prices continue to go up, I'll tell you why...oil is an international currency and there is no such thing as an American Oil Company, because their product goes into the same supply chain as the bad guys oil does, so much for domestic oil becoming a stable and patriotic American fuel supply.

If you really do give a shit about America and our children's and grand-children's future take the time to read the editorials, news and opinions about the bull shit that Big Oil is selling (and our politicians and right wing "drill baby drill" miscreants are buying) about options for an honest, timely and realistic replacement for gasoline, with the fairy tale of electric vehicles, the long-term rocket science of Hydrogen, the increased CAFE MPG standards (big deal bullshit) a replacement for gasoline just ain't happening baby it just ain't happening...woe is to us and the rest of the oil enslaved world.

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