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By Bob Gordon
President and Co-publisher

When every vehicle on America's roads uses domestic, sustainable and green fuels, MPG will become just what it should be, a personal economic and capability choice, not a national security issue

AUTO CENTRAL - February 18, 2010: Since most of us share the common goal of a gasoline-free world, and many of you have seen and read exactly how I feel about Ethanol as THE near and mid-term solution to replace oil as the prime ingredient of the world's mobility fuel, I thought it important for you to watch a special episode of The Auto Channel’s award winning RoadTrip series.

"RoadTrip: Driving and Alcohol Do Mix - In-Depth Look at Ethanol" Exclusive Video

This special episode features The Auto Channel's Co-Publisher Marc J. Rauch, together with David Blume, author of the most authoritative book and seminar series on ethanol and Ed Begley, Jr., actor and leading environmental activist.

In the first half of the show Ed talks about his personal conversion from a non-believer into an alcohol engine-fuel advocate while he goes through the hands-on process of converting his own well used Toyota Prius (191,000 Miles Old) into a flex-fuel ethanol/electric hybrid.

In the second half of the show, David breaks down ethanol urban legends, lies, misconceptions and then explains the incredible potential for this remarkable fuel source.

It’s worth your time to watch, I promise.

So why is The Auto Channel investing its hard earned capital in production of this type of show?

Because we at The Auto Channel believe that Ethanol as the primary fuel for American mobility is a win-win-win-win for our country, its people, its economy and our world; yet the forces of evil continue to obstruct its adoption through mis-information and “divide and conquer” tactics.

The only entity to get hurt from the ubiquitous adoption of bio-ethanol is the foreign oil cartel, the OPEC nations.

Just imagine the positive effect that production, distribution and use of sustainable, domestic Bio-Ethanol fuels will have on the United States and the world.

Farmers will benefit (and why shouldn’t they). Their income will grow by adding additional non-food crops to their harvest, and the remnants from grain used to make ethanol can be used as high grade feed for their own livestock. The remainder can be exported for sale internationally. (It's already happening, last year American farmers exported $1 billion dollars worth even with the tiny number of current ethanol users…just imagine 10 times the volume - wow!)

American Car Makers will benefit immediately because they'll have a competitive advantage over the off-shore car companies in designing, building and selling flex-fuel vehicles. (Almost 10 million flex fuel cars and trucks have already been sold here in the U.S. and more promised - U.S. carmakers are already doing their part – thanks! And as the imported brands see how serious the American drivers are about ethanol, I'll bet that every car maker will finally add flex fuel vehicles to their North American offerings.)

UAW; North American union workers will immediately benefit from the additional demand for more flex fuel vehicles they are already building at GM, Ford and Chrysler. And when the other brands wake up their workers will get busier as well.

North American Car Dealers; at first, the domestic brand car dealers will sell more cars, hire more people and sponsor more local events and organizations, like your kids soccer or little league, your hospital auxiliary, local library and arts…you know, the things they have historically contributed to their local communities. And as soon the foreign Marques see that Americans are serious about getting off of oil, they will also offer flex-fuel models…giving fence sitters another good reason to buy a new car.

Owners of Existing Vehicles will benefit from lower fuel prices and far less harmful emissions. NEARLY ALL EXISTING FUEL-INJECTED VEHICLES CAN ALREADY SAFELY USE UP TO E-20 GASOLINE WITHOUT ANY MODIFICATIONS. Most can use E-85, and they can all be easily and inexpensively converted to use up to E100. And most amazing of all, the cars can still use gasoline so they are never out of range should the driver not be able to find an ethanol fuel station.

American Entrepreneurs and Employees; It is estimated that an ethanol society here in the U.S. will support hundreds of thousands of new small businesses and millions of additional good paying jobs. Who is more creative than American business people… new ways to make and monetize the new manna will explode on the economy giving it a boost never seen before.

U.S. and Canadian Government; Foreign policy can concentrate on the good guys not the bad guys and on what’s right, not just on what’s expedient to keep our stash of oil coming.

U.S. and Canadian Military; no more need to waste another patriot’s life protecting our source of black poison, and we can save tax money too.

North America's Economy; as we get off of expensive petroleum based fuels and replace them with cheaper domestic renewable bio-ethanol, the cost of domestic transportation, farming and manufacturing will go down, making local domestic manufacturing more competitive, and don’t we really need that? Plus the demand for an additional 50 billion gallons of ethanol will generate almost 1 million new jobs here, and the reintroduction of the $365 Billon now going to OPEC for imported oil will boost our whole economy

Our Planet; whether you believe in man-made climate change or not, eliminating tail pipe poison can only help our environment, and because we can reduce our carbon footprint we can take the high road and become the example to other countries.

Food Vs. Fuel Another Diversion From the Fine Folks In OPEC and Their Fellow Travelers

So what’s the problem? If you find one please let me know.

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