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WSJ Reports Bumpy Road for Electrics - A Story That Is a Little Late But Still Welcomed By TACH

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Co-Publisher's Note: Those journalists who attended last year's LA Auto Show witnessed the start of a bipartisan (who says the Dems and Repubs can't be made to agree on anything?) well orchestrated electric vehicle tulip-frenzy propaganda machine as it planted the seeds for the destruction of the momentum that had been growing (no pun intended) for sustainable, domestic and green(er) E85 High-Test Gasohol as the logical near term solution to get America off of gasoline. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote back on December 3, 2009. "I now believe that the current and exponentially growing EV hype is not only strange and unsettling but good for Big Oil and very dangerous for America." You can see that complete article, along with our editorial Electric Vehicles-Solution or Diversion? Here

Last week, I along with The Auto Channel's Detroit Bureau chief Steve Purdy attended the Business of Plugging-in conference in Detroit, you can read what Steve had to say, here.

After two days of attending panels and presentations from Big Power, Big Finance and some auto makers on the coming EV world my mind was not changed; I am more convinced than ever that EV's are not a near, mid or even a long solution that can replace gasoline as a fuel for our mobility, but are a diversion which has blinded America's collective eyes to a real near term drop-in replacement for gasoline, in order to prolong Big Oil's monopolistic and very profitable status-quo, long into our progeny's future.

So this morning I was encouraged and a little smug, I must admit, to see that the Wall Street Journal is confirming our analysis that EV's are just a fairy-tale that our misguided government is retelling, to the delight of Big Oil, Big Power and other anti-American profiteers - is there any connection(no pun intended) to the Big Oil lobbying effort we wonder?

WASHINGTON, DC - October 18, 2010: The AIADA newsletter reported that the auto industry is about to embark on a multibillion-dollar gamble: that battery-powered cars will become big sellers.

The Wall Street Journal reports that more than 20 electric models are set to arrive at dealerships over the next three years, led by the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt due by December.

The Obama administration is spending more than $5 billion in tax credits to buyers and subsidized loans and grants to auto makers and others to support the effort, with the goal of getting one million plug-in hybrids or all-electric cars on U.S. roads within five years (but with 299 million cars and trucks still pouring $1 trillion dollars a year into Big Oils Treasuries).

Among the believers is Carlos Ghosn, chief executive of both Nissan Motor Co. of Japan and France's Renault SA, who foresees all-electric models making up 10 percent of all vehicles sold globally by 2020. Nissan plans to sell 200,000 of its Leaf electric model in the U.S. by the end of 2013 (Out of projected sale of 15 million vehicles or over 99% of the new cars sold still using gasoline, unless we all wake up to the propaganda.

But skeptics (why not call us realistic, honest and intelligent) caution that the boosters are too optimistic.

Many experts say the trade-offs and economics of the cars don't make sense for most drivers – even with a $7,500 U.S. tax credit to buyers. After an initial burst of buying by enthusiasts, customers will be scarce, some predict.

For more from the Wall Street Journal on the supporters and detractors of electric vehicle technology, click here.

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