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Racing Game News for July 3, 2000

3 July 2000

Today's News Contains Information on a new PS2 Formula 1 racer, Dirt Track Racing, and World Sports Cars

Posted By Nick Steinhauer
Video Game Reviewer and News Updater, The Auto Channel

Electronic Arts Announces F1 Championship Season 2000 for PS2: Electronic Arts the world 's largest interactive entertainment software company announces the forthcoming release of F1 CHAMPIONSHIP Season 2000, for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Featuring all the drama, action, and emotion of the current 2000 season, F1 CHAMPIONSHIP Season 2000 takes the player to the heart of the thrilling world of Formula One racing.

Dirt Track Racing Demo: This is the world's first authentic dirt track racing game, qualification to championship. From the fender-bending, dog-eat-dog world of stock, to the supped-up production stock racing machines and fast-as-lightening, loud-as-thunder late model series, this is racing on the edge.

Aggressive driving, accumulated prize money and smart vehicle and upgrade purchases propel you to the next class. Get your car in gear, or get off the track.

World Sports Cars Preview: The term "realistic" means that something has a sense of actual life to it. By having a realistic view-point one sees clearly and level-headed; a down-to-earth, able-to-be-done mentality as well. Game developers market their games by calling their game the "most realistic game you can ever experience" except the fact that when you get down to playing the game for yourself do you realize the fact that they were far from being accurate in their statement. Some games have no damage models or no explosions. So basically a car could go careening into a wall 50 going 90 and leave without a scratch to be seen. All that does is really slow you down. Realistic? I think not. But two brothers plan on giving a whole new meaning to the word "realistic" in the racing sense. By giving the game some of the fastest vehicles on earth (McLaren, etc.) and providing some incredibly detailed features, the West brothers are not only taking racing games to a whole new level but are also, hopefully, going to create a game that gets it's ass kissed by every other racing game. World Sports Cars contains all of the following... Read out preview for the rest!

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