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Contact Congress: Stop California’s vehicle ban from becoming the national norm


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The state of California is banning the sale of new gas and diesel cars and trucks. They’re also going after diesel semi-trucks. The only thing standing between us and California vehicle bans becoming our national norm is the EPA… and Congress.

Contact your member of Congress today using the form on this page and urge them to vote YES. A yes vote will put clear limits on EPA’s ability to green light California bans or give California power to set vehicle policies in other states.

California doesn’t have the right to ban cars, so it has to get explicit permission from President Biden and the EPA to move forward. On this matter, EPA answers to Congress, and Congress can make clear that EPA is not authorized to give this permission.

This week, Congress is voting on a bill H.R. 1435, the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act that would do just that. It would rein in EPA and stop extreme California vehicle bans from becoming the law of land (as you know, close to 20 states follow California vehicle laws and many have already taken steps to impose California’s ban).

Following up on this message. The vote to stop the U.S. EPA from greenlighting California’s ban on gas and diesel vehicles is TOMORROW, Thursday, September 14.

We need Democrats and Republicans to vote YES to rein in EPA and stop California’s ban from becoming law all around the country. Please send your Representative an email now so they know exactly where you stand and why California’s ban matters to all of us. We’re hearing that some members still think that EPA has to give California permission to enact its ban (it does not) and that costs, if California’s ban goes through, will be limited to Californians (they won’t… California’s ban will spread to other states, and we’ll all end up paying more because of it).

Here’s the link to send your email:
- Ericka   


Since last week, we’ve made some big progress. The House of Representatives is voting THIS WEEK on one of the bills we’ve been advocating for: H.R. 1435, the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act.  
Please send your Representative a message specifically urging them to support this bill. It’s pretty clear cut:
The Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act (H.R. 1435)

  • What it does: It would stop EPA from authorizing California to enforce its ban on gas and diesel vehicles.
  • What it does not do: This legislation is narrow and would not affect California’s existing Clean Air Act waivers (providing they don’t involve bans) or the state’s ability to petition EPA for future waivers to address local air quality issues.

California — and the nearly 20 states that copy California vehicle policies — cannot enact a ban on gasoline and diesel vehicle sales without approval from the U.S. EPA. Congress decides what EPA does and doesn’t have power to do, and Congress can make clear that EPA has no authority to allow California to ban consumer access to vehicles of any kind. That’s what H.R. 1435 does.    
Importantly, there is nothing anti-EV in this policy. It’s all focused on stopping bans. It doesn’t get in the way of electric vehicle advancement or EV incentives. Any American, and any Californian, who wants to purchase an EV will have every freedom to do so.
As you guys know by now, every American stands to be impacted by what California is doing.
Whether you live in California (Hi, Mom and Dad) or in one of the nearly 20 states that copy California’s exact vehicle regulations, we’ll all pay the price if EPA green lights California’s ban. H.R. 1435 can take that off the table.  
- Ericka and the AFPM EMPOWER team