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  • We Believe: Electric Vehicles forced on consumers will take the car industry and our country down a rabbit hole
  • We Ask: Why Are THEY Pushing Fairy-tale Electric Replacement For All Power? Why Not Just Replace Regular E10 Gasoline With High-Test Flex-fuel e85 to Reduce Tailpipe Emissions Immediately.
  • We Opine: Lithium Battery (Slave Labor) Powered EV's will never become THE answer no matter how many billions (trillions?) of dollars are pissed away in a misguided attempt to create EV adoption
  • We Expect: Any mainstream car maker that drinks the "There Should Be No Other Power Choice" EV Kool-Aide Will Go Out of Business
  • We Know: Ethanol Fuel Is THE Actual Sliver Bullet Fuel For EVERY Mobility Application; Any Negatives Are Oil Company and Chinese LIES
  • We Predict: Alcohol Hybrids Will Become America's Mobility Fuel Until(if) Hydrogen Fuel-cell Power Becomes Practical.
  • We Implore The Primary Ethanol Fuel Industry stakeholders (distillers and farmers) to awake from their government induced comas and lead the fight for the adoption of domestic, renewable, clean, green Alcohol Power so as to not miss their trillion dollar (and clean air) big-win opportunity.

Auto Mechanic L.G. Brandon Thoughts on EV

For anti - electric car people, why wouldn't you get one?

I’m only “anti EV” in the sense that I don’t want them to be the only choice. I won’t get one at this time because of several reasons.

First, cost. They are too expensive. I don’t buy new vehicles, I buy high quality used vehicles and modify them to suit my needs.

Second, i use full size heavy duty pickup trucks and SUVs because I pull a lot of trailers, up to 3000 miles on vacation as well as for farm use. At this time, there are no electric pickup trucks for sale. There are some in development to be sure and they are quite exciting. The downside to them though is that battery packs drain very, very quickly when towing which means range is minimal any time a trailer is behind one. When I’m pulling a trailer on vacation I don’t have time to stop every couple hours to recharge for 30 to 60 or more minutes. Also, where I go is very rural; gas stations are difficult to find sometimes, and electric charging stations? Forget about it. Electric trucks would just slow me down the way they are now. When the battery technology improves to the point they can haul a trailer at 70mph for 4 or 5 hours nonstop and then recharge in 10 minutes and go for another 4 to 5 hours, then we’ll have something to talk about. Oh, and cost. Have you see what the electric pickups are going to sell for? It’s out of reach for me. When I can buy a used one for $12,000 that will have the range I need, I’ll buy one.

Lastly, i love the sound and smell of real engines. There’s nothing like the scent of diesel exhaust on a chilly morning. Then the sound of the turbo whining as it builds boost; it’s an amazing aural experience that never grows tiresome. A silent EV just doesn’t do it for me. Yeah I’ll still buy one but I’m a car guy, i love everything about cars as they are today and as they’ve been. You haven’t lived until a big cam V8 running race fuel shakes the ground under your feet and the smell of that burned high octane fuel wafts into your nostrils!