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In Case You Missed This: Auto Makers Finally Side On Reality, Choose Truth Over Politics - Enough With The EV's Already


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But First Snide;s Remarks:Milton Snide's Brooklyn Street Kid Take on China's EV Dominance: Because most elected politicians are just too ignorant about alt fuels or are in Big Oil's pocket to make make an independent alt fuel decision, they delegate "their alt fuel position" decision to just as ignorant "expert" aides to determine which 'alt' to support, and because it's in vogue and they think safe, they support Electric vehicles. So these know nothings hurt America and help China...just look at the support and money being spent on Electric vs Ethanol a real gasoline alternative.

Think we are paranoid? Well wake the f--k up! It's in Silicon Valley's and China's best interest to emasculate automobiles and create a ground swell for a "Transportation Appliances" industry that replaces traditional automobile design and manufacturing. In a new electric and autonomous transportation world they can both dominate, just how many Chinese citizens(2018) with advanced degrees earned at American universities are employed at digital transportation companies in Silicon Valley? Just Sayin'.

More Snide's China EV Insights:

  • Chinese Government Has Long Term View Of Major Initiatives
  • Chinese Acquiring All Elements To Take Over World's Auto Industry; Lithium, Batteries, Raw Material, EV Factories (So what if it takes 50 years?)
  • California EV-only Mandates To Ooze to other Blue States
  • By 2035 Chinese Car Makers will have 15 plus years learning to perfect their mass production and profitable shortcuts of Electric car making, selling and battery disposal processes.
  • Traditional car makers will be scrambling to obtain batteries and learn how to dispose of depleted batteries
  • China can take depleted batteries back to China for rebuild or disposal
  • Chinese EV will cost 50% of US and European built cars
  • Hyundai and Kia will become the entry luxury EV brands, GM will be out of business, Ford will be selling just trucks, Exotics like BMW will be black-marketed to California
  • China will supply controllable (On Off Via Net) EV charging stations throughout California, Oregon, Washington State, New Jersey, DC, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.
  • Ignorant Traitorous Politicians, Traitorous Bureaucrats, Wall Street Sharks, and Traitorous Green New Dealers Are Found integral in Chinese takeover of USA - face firing squad.

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Auto Makers Finally Wake Up To Reality Choose Truth Over Politics

WASHINGTON, May 9 David Shepardson reporting; Reuters said that automakers say proposed US emissions rules pose challenges.

An auto trade group warned on Tuesday that aggressive U.S. targets for reductions in vehicle emissions may rely on a too rapid transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and pose significant challenges with manufacturing and supply chains.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed sharp emissions cuts that it estimates would result in 60% of new vehicles by 2030 being electric and 67% by 2032.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation, representing General Motors (GM.N), Toyota Motor (7203.T), Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE), Hyundai Motor (005380.KS) and others, said automakers will struggle to meet those targets because of problems with the supply chain for EV batteries, motors and chargers as well as consumer resistance.

The EPA proposal, if finalized, represents the most aggressive U.S. vehicle emissions reduction plan to date, requiring 13% annual average pollution cuts and a 56% reduction in projected fleet average emissions over 2026 requirements.

The automaker group warned the proposal could have "significant impacts to automakers, workers, consumers and ultimately the availability of vehicles that meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses across the country."

In August 2021, major automakers agreed to a goal of producing between 40% and 50% EVs or plug-in electric hybrids by 2030. President Joe Biden signed an executive order establishing a 50% goal.

"In that context, EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas standards for 2027-2032 represents a significant movement of the country’s electrification goal posts – not by a little, but by a lot," the automaker group wrote.

Environmentalists are pressing the Biden administration not to soften the proposal. Some say EPA should have proposed tougher rules.

The automaker group noted EVs represented about 6% of new light-duty vehicles sales in 2022, up from about 3 percent in 2021 and 2 percent in 2020.

"These proposed rules effectively require an additional 10-fold sales increase in a mere eight years," the automaker group wrote. "EPA is also proposing the most stringent criteria pollutant regulations ever, premised on largely the same levels of zero emission vehicles."

Reporting by David Shepardson; Editing by Cynthia Osterman

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