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California Forces EV Adoption, But Begs For People To Not Charge Their Electric Cars

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What to expect from EVs: Battery fires, slave mining labor,
Long charging lines, deadly electric grid failures

California is like breakfast cereal, it's filled with fruits, nuts, and flakes.
The Capitol building in Sacramento is like a giant inverted bowl filled with cereal.

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Marc Rauch

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

California's governor Gavin Newsom is a first-class, Grade A, top-of-the-shelf schmuck! He's not America's top schmuck, that title belongs to Joe Biden. Joe took top honors on the day he was sworn in as resident of the White House. Joe at least has some excuse for his title, he's suffering from age-related mental defects. Yes, of course, he was a schmuck in all the years when he was just a senator, but that's to be expected, he was simply a run-of-the-mill democrat politician.

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Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom doesn't appear to be suffering from age-related dementia, just dementia that surrounds egotistical airheads with personality disorders (narcissism is probably the primary one). Newsom is also an alcoholic, and he suffers from dyslexia, which in and of itself is not troubling; I know a few people with dyslexia who are brilliant, capable, and highly creative. And, there are many very famous who have overcome dyslexia.

The problem for Newsom is that dyslexia appears to have affected how he makes decisions: He gets things backward and out of order. One highly reported incident was when after issuing executive Covid-related orders concerning face masks and social distancing, he was photographed at a restaurant in Napa cozying up to people with no face mask - not on him, not on the other person(s).

And so, Newsom has gotten the issues related to automobiles and the climate bass-ackwards. Catastrophic man-made climate change is a fraud, a hoax, a myth. If it does exist, and it exists for the claimed reasons (harmful engine emissions), he should do anything and everything in his power to stop these emissions. But, he's done nothing to mitigate the problem. Even in the outlawing of all new internal combustion engine vehicles after 2035, it does nothing to lessen the enormous amount of harmful emissions produced by millions of gasoline and diesel fuel-powered vehicles for the next twelve and a half years. In addition, the order does nothing to mitigate the harmful emissions that will continue to spew from the millions of existing gasoline and diesel-fuel vehicles that will still be on the road after 2035.

Simply put, if there is any serious existential threat posed by Anthropomorphic Global Warming or Cooling, and we all have only 7 to 10 years to live (a threat that has been made for the past 100 years), then the banning of new internal combustion engine vehicles after 2035 is schmucky. By definition, it is the kind of thing that only a schmuck would do.

But the schmuckiness doesn't end here. No, Newsom mires himself in more schmuckiness, as if he loves to wallow around in schmuck and mire.

Faced with an entirely natural summer heat wave, California is warning its citizens about the likelihood of electric grid failures, and asking present-day electric vehicle owners to not charge their vehicles. This is as laughable as ordering people to wear masks in public and distance themselves from others, and then party-hardying with your buddies naked (without facial coverings).

If Newsom was concerned about California; the people, the climate, the price of fuel, anything, he would mandate the immediate use of more ethanol in the fuel used in internal combustion engines. E30, at the least, should be the mandated fuel used in any "gasoline-powered" engine. E40 would be better, and E50 would be even better. This would make an immediate reduction in the harmful emissions from engines. Whether AGW exists or not, the use of higher ethanol blends would help to clean the air and water immediately.

As The Auto Channel has said many times, as we wrote in many editorials, ethanol is the only immediate and near-term solution to poisonous emissions. It is the only way to guarantee a reduction in harmful emissions, which is something that even electric vehicles can't claim because of the terrible effects of element mining and producing the EVs, and because of the extensive use of coal or other petroleum-related fuels to run the electric generation plants.

It comes down to this: No Matter How You Look At It, ETHANOL IS THE ANSWER!.

And, no matter how you look at Gavin Newsom, he is a schmuck of the highest order. He's a world class schmuck!

P.S. If the word "schmuck" offends you, feel free to substitute it with the word "putz." (look them up).

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