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Breaking News: 100% of America's ICE Vehicles are E25 Ready!

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Actual Market Penetration Crushes Predictions

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Marc Rauch
By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

I made an incredible discovery today - or at least I should say that I came across a couple of divergent pieces of information and realized that something rather incredible has happened with no fanfare to celebrate it.

Here's the story: I received a reminder today that there's an upcoming "Clean Fuels Summit" event scheduled for next Tuesday and Wednesday, June 28 - 29, 2022. In reviewing the agenda, I noticed that they don't have anyone representing the ethanol fuel perspective.

Naturally, this concerned me because ethanol is the only serious "HERE, NOW" clean fuel option. After all, if you're gonna have a summit about clean fuels, you gotta have THE clean fuel, right?

So, I figured maybe the event organizers are not keen on real solutions and they're just staging the event for something to do. When I looked around their website, I did come across some ethanol-fuel related content (it was a little out of date, but at least it was there and it was generally favorable).

One link led me to a study published in early 2017 by the Fuels Institute titled:
"New Technology Adoption Curves A Case Study on Delivering E25-Capable Vehicles to Market".

This study was intended to project how long it would take for America (and maybe the world) to sell enough vehicles that could run on E25 to achieve a 20% share of E25-capable vehicles on the road by a certain moment in time. The targeted moment in time the study suggested is 2025 (two and a half years from now).

Well, it didn't take me long - roughly half a second - to realize that not only has the goal been achieved, but that even back in 2017 when the study was published, a full 100% of all spark-ignited internal combustion engine vehicles on the road were completely capable of running on E25!

Today, five and a half years after the study was published, things haven't changed ...there's been no backsliding... a full 100% of all spark-ignited internal combustion engine vehicles on the road are completely capable of running on E25. Regardless of age, manufacturer, carbureted or fuel injected, they are all fully capable of safely and efficiently running on E25... HERE, NOW!

In fact, not only are they all capable of running on E25, they're all capable of running on even higher ethanol level blends than just 25% ethanol, 75% gasoline. They all could safely and efficiently run on E85 (some would require relatively low-cost modification kits, but every single spark-ignited internal combustion engine vehicle on the road is E85 capable).

In a world that is tripping over itself to find solutions to pollution, respiratory illnesses, high gasoline prices, and energy dependency, we've already got the solution, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Seriously, isn't this great news? If I was staging a clean fuels symposium I wouldn't talk about anything else.

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