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The Solution to High Gasoline Prices Is NOT Sporadic E15 Availability

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Informed decisions require informed decision-makers

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Marc Rauch
By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

First, let me remind everyone that ALL negative comments about ethanol fuel are incorrect. They are either lies, exaggerations, or myths. They were mostly invented by the petroleum oil industry.

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Ethanol doesn't harm engines, it cleans engines. It doesn't suck water out of the air, but it will absorb water that naturally forms because of condensation. Gasoline can't do this so people have to resort to using engine additives that can cost as much as 2 or 3 gallons of gasoline. All liquids are corrosive, especially water. However, ethanol is less corrosive and compatible with more types of rubber, plastic, and metal than gasoline and aromatics. BTU values (energy content) are irrelevant when discussing internal combustion engines. Ethanol fuel production and use do not affect the price of food.

I don't care who you are, where you went to school, what you do, or who you spoke to. If you are disseminating negative information about ethanol fuel you are wrong!

The problem is that true, affirmative information about ethanol has not been delivered to the world's decision-makers. It has not been told to them again, and again, and again.

I'm not talking about politicians when I say "the world's decision-makers" (although it would have helped if politicians also got the message loud and clear), I'm talking about the real decision-makers...CONSUMERS. Consumers have never been given the chance to learn the truth and decide which engine fuel to use.

Consumers have been forced to believe the oil industry's lies about ethanol fuel. They have been forced to believe the exaggerated misinformation and myths by the absence of an aggressive, proactive educational campaign to get the truthful information out to them.

Next to the terrible carnage inflicted by the oil industry on our military service personnel and the overall health of all animals (humans included), the most egregious aspect of the misinformation is that farmers have been demonized as greedy and selfish. Everything that the oil industry is, all the damage the oil industry has caused, farmers are being wrongly accused of it.

The movement by the EPA to accept and allow E15 ethanol-gasoline blends were okay, twelve years ago, in 2010. If the inept administration that was in office at that time would have moved to make E15 the ubiquitous "regular" fuel of the nation it would have been appropriate and almost timely (a little late, but close enough to get us to where we really need to be).

Now, today, a half-assed addled administration thinks that just because they announced plans to allow year-round selling of E15 that gasoline prices would miraculously drop and we'd be home-free. The administration thought they could handle this situation with the same total lack of planning and insight that they used to (mis) handle last Summer's Afghanistan debacle.

But that's not how it works, the higher ethanol blend has to be available for sale right now, everywhere, and there has to be a campaign to ensure consumers know that it is a safe and efficient fuel - not just an "alternative," but a full-on permanent solution.

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No more pussyfooting around.
Make the true facts known. There are plenty of us who know the facts, and we can present them in simple, understandable, and believable terms. Knock off the nonsensical E15 warning stickers on fuel pumps...THERE IS NO DANGER TO USING E15. Let's go, Biden... (I'm not saying this as an epithet, I mean it seriously): Let's go, Biden, make this happen.

Over the past two years, many large and small ethanol distillers stepped forward to fill the shortage of liquid sanitizing products. The distilleries can step forward to fill any shortage of ethanol to be added to gasoline. The large distilleries can ally themselves with the hundreds of small craft distilleries that are located in nearly every city of every state to fill the supply lines.

During World War II everyday citizens were encouraged to plant and harvest "Liberty Gardens" to supply the vegetables and fruits they couldn't find at grocery stores. The same thing can happen with local "Liberty Distilleries," who can help add ethanol fuel to the supply chain.

Then, announce plans for the very, very near future to increase from E15 to the fuel we really should be using: E25, E30, E40, E50 for all existing engines.

Follow that up with a mandate that the manufacture of all new internal combustion engines must be optimized for E85 and higher fuels. In 2008, my business partner and I published an editorial that called for mandating that all new spark-ignited internal combustion engines be optimized to run on E85 by 2014. That would have been 8 years ago. When we wrote and published that editorial we were trying to be nice to the oil industry and give them five full years to prepare. Well, no more Mister Nice Guys. We want the E85 optimized mandate for any 2023 model year vehicle that has not already been introduced, and for ALL models 2024 on.

If the Federal government and state governments think that it's possible to mandate electric vehicles within the next few years, mandating E85 engines should be child's play by comparison. An ethanol-optimized engine is virtually the same as a gasoline-optimized engine. No new designs and development is necessary. A quick change of fuel injectors, a change in spark timing, and computer software updates are all that are needed. There should be no additional or new costs, and no new technologies to be tested. Just do it. Let's go, Biden. LET'S GO AMERICA! LET'S GO WORLD!

This is the solution to the high price of petroleum oil and oil-based fuel. This is the solution to achieving energy independence. This is the solution to clean the environment.

Every internal combustion engine car & truck can safely and efficiently use some or all E85. It doesn't matter what year, make, or model; it doesn't even matter if it's flex fuel or no-flex fuel. You can use E85 and SAVE BIG. Read this to learn more:

I Just Saved 38% on a Fill-Up By Using E85 - You Can Too!

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