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Finding a Car Accident Attorney

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Car accidents can be extremely challenging to recover from at all levels, from mental and emotional to financial. To help guide you in making wise decisions about how best to move forwards, it’s always advisable to have a good lawyer to speak with, whether that’s a car accident attorney in Pittsburgh, Dallas, Phoenix, or anywhere else you happen to reside.

While ending up in a car accident is an unpleasant thought, it’s still a possibility, and finding yourself without a lawyer could mean settling with an insurance company well before you know the full extent of the damages or injuries caused, or whether or not it was you at fault. While this might feel like a quick way to move on, it could leave you out of pocket and even put you at risk of penalties.

What Qualities Should a Good Car Accident Lawyer Have?

A good car accident attorney should be experienced and licensed to practice in your state so that they can act as lawyer on your auto accident claim. They should also be able to:

    1. Understand the complexities involved in valuing a car accident claim: this is a highly nuanced area requiring years of experience. This covers a number of details about the accident, from vehicular damage to any bodily injuries sustained as a result of it.

    2. Have knowledge of the legal procedures and personal injury law applicable to your claim: this includes being completely up to date on the current state of the law and any developments in addition to being able to detail exactly what evidence or information you will need to support your claim.

    3. Present a thorough understanding of insurance industries and policies, including scope of coverage, in particular liability insurance required to drive and register a vehicle - as this is in place specifically to pay for accident claims as and when they arise.

    4. Connections with insurance adjusters, other personal injury lawyers and other official bodies such as medical professionals and police departments who can help strengthen your case.

    5. Offer reasonable fees: most attorneys work for a percentage of the final award (typically around 33%), so you’ll need to account for this. Read the lawyer’s agreement carefully to find out what you’re responsible for paying, and avoid making a decision solely on the fee.

    6. Offer clear communication,not only so you can understand what’s going on, but so everyone else can too. Jargon might sound impressive in the first instance, but you need your case to be clear and easy to understand.

    7. Be respectable and presentable: a well-kept office and a good standing in their profession are both key factors in making your decision. In order to make a success of your case, you need someone who is organized and on top of their game.


To find an attorney for your case, ask for referrals, carry out thorough background checks online and ahead of appointments, prepare questions you might like to ask them. Doing so will enable you to feel more prepared, sure of your decision and ready to take any next steps