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7 Crucial Mistakes That You Can Make After a Car Accident

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Getting into a car accident can be a scary experience for many. To protect yourself and safeguard your rights, you must be aware of what you need to do if you get involved in a car accident. Making the wrong decision or action can make the situation much worse and can ruin your chances of getting the compensation that you deserve. Here are some of the biggest mistakes you can make after a car accident and how you can avoid them.

Leaving the accident scene and not calling the police

One common mistake that you can make after a car collision is to leave the accident scene. Regardless if it was only a minor fender bender, you need to remain at the site until the authorities arrive. If possible, move your vehicle to a safe location and take necessary precautions to alert passing vehicles of the accident.

There are some instances that car accident victims fail to call 911 or the police. A police report is necessary when filing your legal claim, so you need to file a police report right away. Even if you only have minor injuries, you must report the accident to the authorities and never let the other party convince you otherwise. Aside from making the report, police officers can also help in regulating the traffic after the accident to prevent another accident from happening.

Failure to receive medical attention

Some victims tend to underestimate the gravity of their injuries, and choose not to get evaluated and treated by emergency responders. Your body may still be experiencing the physical shock of the collision, preventing you from recognizing your injuries. Moreover, some injuries don’t manifest until after the accident, so you must have yourself checked by a medical professional as soon as possible. It is also vital that you recognize the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after a car accident.

Starting an argument with the other driver taking the blame for the accident

While it is tempting to start an argument with the other party over who’s at fault, it is best not to do so. Emotions are high at this point, but you must remain as calm as possible. This may prove to be difficult, especially if you or your loved ones were critically injured, but remember that your actions and statements can be used against you by the other party, so avoid any discussions that can trigger an argument.

In the same way, never admit that the car accident was your fault. Avoid apologizing or making comments that might appear that you are taking the blame for the collision. While it might seem admirable that you care and sympathize with the other party, your admission could potentially lessen your chances of getting proper compensation.

Failed to collect evidence

Not gathering enough evidence can hurt the outcome of your case, so make sure that you collect as much information as you can. If you are physically unable to, ask one of your companions or a possible witness to gather it for you. Take pictures of the crash site, the vehicles involved, and your surroundings. Take note of the weather condition and write down the contact information of potential witnesses. If possible, ask for their statements while still at the scene to ensure that they can remember exactly what happened. Exchange contact information with the other party and get the details of their insurance company.

Settled with the other’s party insurance company

Insurance companies often will take advantage of your vulnerability and will try to get you to settle. Never sign any documents with the other party’s insurance company and decline any quick settlement offers. These companies are committed to making sure that they spend as little money as possible, and while they might seem empathetic to your situation, it is possible that they are just trying to gain your trust so that you can agree to the settlement.

Posting on social media

The other party’s insurance company can use any information you share on your social media accounts to dispute your settlement claim, so avoid posting any life updates or even pictures while your case is still ongoing. Check out this guide to social media dos and don’ts from Uplift Legal Funding to learn more.

Remember that insurance companies are trained to look for any evidence to diminish your credibility and prove that your injuries are overstated.

Not hiring an attorney

Failing to get legal assistance might be the biggest mistake that you can commit after a car accident. Some people think that they save money and handle the case on their own, but this will prove to be counterproductive in the long run. It is important that you hire a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer to help you with your case. Not hiring a lawyer can severely impact the value of your car accident claim.

It is vital that you do not make any of these mistakes to ensure that you receive the compensation that you rightfully deserve.