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New Appeals Court Ruling Tightens The Noose Around The Neck of the Ethanol Industry

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This is what happens when you put all your eggs in the hands of jackals

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

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Marc Rauch

WASHINGTON, DC - September 10, 2021: Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals For The District Of Columbia Circuit denied a petition for rehearing regarding their decision in July, which vacated the 2019 regulation allowing year-round sales of E15 fuel. That decision struck a serious blow in the attempt to increase the level of ethanol in every gallon of gasoline sold in America. By denying the petition for a rehearing, a further serious emotional blow was leveled on the ethanol stake holders who had been hoping that the Biden Administration was prepared to help free America from a century of carnage caused by the petroleum oil industry.

Not only should E15 have been mandated for ubiquitous distribution ten years ago, after the Environmental Protection Agency cleared E15, our country should now be at least on par with Brazil's mandated use of E27, and then match Brazil's intention to move to E40 within the next few years (it's also Brazil's intention to move up to mandated E85 for all vehicles by 2050). If America is truly serious about reducing pollution (and all of the ancillary concerns over what pollution can cause), the move up the ladder to E15, E20, E25, E27, E40, etc., etc. should be a no-brainer.

In our opinion, ethanol industry stakeholders erred by allowing the wrong people to lead them down a booby-trapped garden path controlled by oil industry jackals. And now, faced with the onslaught of electric vehicle fantasies, America and the world may never get the opportunity to experience real energy independence as we will continue to be under the thumb of an OPEC dominated oil industry and then an electric vehicle industry owned by the Communist Chinese dictators. This is all covered in the July editorial we published titled "Evaluating The Cost Of A Renewed Summer E15 Ban."

God save us from losing all of our independence and liberties.