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"Pretty Amazing To Us That Big Oil Has Become The Good Guy" - Ignorant Bipartisan Bill Threatens to Push Ethanol and Clean Air Back 20 Years


Big Oil-owned politicians trot out laughable arguments against ethanol...again

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

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Marc Rauch

Just when you think that things can't get any more ridiculous, four senators have decided to turn the dopey-dial up a few notches. Democrat Diane Feinstein, Republican Pat Toomey, Democrat Bob Menendez, and Republican Susan Collins are introducing a new bill, a Corn Ethanol Mandate Elimination Act, to end the corn ethanol mandate in the Renewable Fuel Standard. They are doing this because they think that the bill will help reduce carbon emissions from transportation fuels.

If there's a good side to the introduction of this bill, it's that it proves there is really great equality in America today. You can be male, or female. You can be a Democrat, or a Republican. You can be from the upper most reaches of the northeast coast, or the far west coast. You can represent a garden state, or a coal mining state. You can be of one ethnic and religious group or another. It doesn't matter, anyone can be stupid.

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Feinstein is quoted as saying,

    “The federal corn ethanol mandate no longer makes sense when better, lower-carbon alternatives exist...Corn ethanol achieves little to no reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. It’s time to end the mandate and instead support more advanced biofuels and biodiesel that won’t contribute to climate change or drive up the cost of food.”

In fact, Feinstein's entire statement in incorrect. There is no federal corn ethanol mandate. Corn is used because in America it makes sense to use corn, versus other crops. Ethanol, whether it is produced from corn or sugar or beets or sorghum reduces greenhouse gas emissions. An internal combustion engine running on corn ethanol does not create more greenhouse gas emissions than sugar ethanol. There are actually no proven "more advanced" biofuels than ethanol produced from crops. Biodiesel made from ethanol is as good and clean as any biodiesel. And the use of corn to produce ethanol fuel has no effect on the price of human food. The food versus fuel myth was debunked more than a decade ago, shortly after the original lie was first circulated.

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Toomey is quoted as saying,

    “The federal government forcing Americans to buy billions of gallons of corn ethanol is terrible policy on many levels...For starters, it imposes financial harm on consumers and refineries, risking thousands of good-paying jobs. Further, the RFS drives up the cost of gas and food, harms our environment, and damages engines.”

Unfortunately, for Toomey, his statement is riddled with the same amount of preposterously wrong information. See, there's equality in stupidity. The federal government has forced and allowed TRILLIONS of gallons of gasoline and petroleum diesel to poison Americans for over a century. This poison has caused or contributed to the deaths and long term illness of millions and millions of Americans, not to mention millions and millions of other animals. The financial harm done to individual Americans and the country in total is incalculable - it makes any claim of financial harm caused by ethanol to be insanely absurd. Ethanol reduces the price of fuel at the pump, and has kept the price of gasoline from soaring to even higher levels than it ever has. Ethanol fuel cleans the environment, and it cleans does not harm engines. All...ALL... internal combustion engines can safely, efficiently, and economically use high(er) levels of ethanol, regardless of age or brand of manufacturer.

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Menendez and Collins added their half-cent of misinformation.

Menendez is quoted as saying,

    "The corn ethanol mandate has failed to live up to its emissions reduction promises, while contributing to higher food prices, causing issues for motorists, and leading to other environmental damages...It’s time that we move on from this misguided policy and shift our focus to real solutions that truly address climate change and reduce other harmful emissions.”

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Collins quote is,

    "Corn ethanol blended gasoline poses significant economic and safety risks by damaging or destroying engines of older cars, boats, and snowmobiles; causing food and feed prices to rise; and presenting significant environmental concerns...Our bipartisan legislation would eliminate the corn ethanol mandate for renewable fuel, encouraging the development of alternative advanced biofuels to meet our energy and environmental challenges.”

All that Menendez and Collins presented was a rubber stamping of the lies and gross exaggerations spouted by the other two Big Oil shills.

It is literally a disgrace for Feinstein, Toomey, Menendez, and Collins to be introducing this legislation. They are wrong, the information they tout is wrong, and America's continued use of deadly petroleum oil fuels is disgusting.

The terrible tragedy is that the bogus claims from these four politicians will breathe new life into the egregious old lies against ethanol, and the ethanol advocacy industry will do nothing about it except to continue their toothless political lobbying. A consumer ethanol education and awareness program is the only way to effectively stop the anti-ethanol lies.

Do you doubt me? Anyone want to challenge me? Read my book, THE ETHANOL PAPERS. You can buy a copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or read it for FREE on the Internet by CLICKING HERE.
I dare you, and that means you Feinstein, Toomey, Menendez, and Collins!