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There's Only One Way To Cut Climate Pollution in Half By 2030: HERE'S HOW

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Photo by Chris LeBoutillier on Unsplash

The Most Simple Solution is Right in Front of Biden's Eyes

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

National Geographic published a story on their website some months ago that was written by Madeleine Stone and titled "Biden Wants To Cut Climate Pollution in Half by 2030 - Here's How."

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Marc Rauch
The problem with the article and the solutions offered is that the solutions presented won't do the job. Yes, I agree that we have wind generator technology. I know that rooftop solar panels work. I'm very familiar with how hydrogen can be used. But the goal of reducing the "climate" pollution by 50% in less than 9 years is a Herculean task. Wait, it's more than a Herculean task, it's a job that calls for an entire legion of superheroes. It would take Superman, Thor, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, and Hercules to do it. Unfortunately, these guys are all fictional; they don't exist. And if the climate issue is real, then you can't throw imaginary superheroes against it.

A real catastrophic emergency requires an actual hero.

Fortunately, there is just such a hero available, and "he" has plenty of time on "his" hands to do the job. This is what the hero looks like in his superhero uniform:

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His name is ETHANOL.

Ethanol is alive and well. Ethanol is available IMMEDIATELY. Ethanol can be used RIGHT AWAY in every single spark-ignited internal combustion engine in America. Ethanol also works to create biodiesel fuel than can be used in every single compression-ignited internal combustion engine, And, because the job doesn't just need to be done in America, that's okay because hero Ethanol is ubiquitous around the world.

We don't have to wait for new engines to be designed and built. We don't have to develop a new system of fuel distribution. We don't have to employ slave labor in Africa or any other poverty-stricken land. We don't need a magic hammer or secret incantation.*

We have a literal army of highly skilled and dedicated technicians to do the job. These technicians are called "FARMERS." Perhaps you may have heard of them before. They know Ethanol personally...they are on friendly terms with the hero. They, like hero Ethanol, are standing by waiting to be given the green light to go. And when I say green light, I mean GREEN light!

So why did Ms. Stone not identify Ethanol in her National Geographic article? Why doesn't Joe Biden and others in the current Administration call up Ethanol and put him to work. Biden could "draft" Ethanol into the war on climate pollution. All he would have to do is sign another Executive Order, and serve it on America's farmers. It could read:

    "GREETINGS, America and the world needs you! Please report to your fields at first light!"

Yes, I know that there is resistance to hero Ethanol, just as there has always been resistance to all life-saving medical procedures and vaccines. A lot of lies and gross exaggerations against Ethanol have been circulated. What is needed is the help of ordinary mortal men and women who, because they know the truth about the benefits of Ethanol, can leap higher than the biggest mounds of anti-Ethanol crap assembled by the petroleum oil industry. These meer mortals could also be drafted. Their conscription emails might read something like:

    "Hey, Marc Rauch and Bob Gordon, get off your fat rear ends and do what you've been chomping at the bit to do."

If the issue of climate change is real, and if the consequences will be cataclysmic, then what are you waiting for, Joe? The issue won't just go away. This could be your "Operation Warp Speed."

* Thor uses a magic hammer and Billy Batson would say "SHAZAM" to transform into Captain Marvel.