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Ethanol to Make Case With Biden - Huh?


The clock is ticking before the illusion of electric ends the ethanol dream forever

By Marc J. Rauch, author of THE ETHANOL PAPERS
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

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Marc Rauch

There was an interesting story today on DTN's Progressive Farmer website. The story, written by Todd Neeley, is titled "ETHANOL TO MAKE CASE WITH BIDEN." It basically relates to the Biden Administrations' loss-of-memory to support ethanol fuel and American farmers (the memory loss is not surprising considering the tree from which the apple has fallen).

Specifically, the story concerns EPA Administrator Michael Regan's luke warm comments supporting ethanol, and what is obviously the pushing back of ethanol acceptance and implementation timelines.

There were two really good statements in Todd Neeley's story: The first was Jon Dogget's quote, and the second was the latter part of Brian Jennings' quote. Jon Dogget is the new CEO of National Corn Growers Association, and Brian Jennings is CEO of American Coalition for Ethanol.

According to Mr. Neeley's story, Jon Doggett said this about a recent conversation he had with Michael Regan:

    "I challenged him a bit yesterday when we talked because he had said we need to work on advanced biofuels...My point to him was, 'Mr. Administrator, corn is an advanced biofuel.' The ethanol processes that were in existence in 2008 are completely, completely different than we have today. We have made all of this advancement, and now you're going to go ahead and limit us because of a term that is no longer relevant."

Jon Dogget's comment to Regan was correct, ethanol is an advanced biofuel. In fact, it has been an advanced bio-fuel since it was first acknowledged to be the "fuel of the future" by leading scientists and engineers more than 100 years ago. It's time to use this advanced biologically produced fuel full time. Michael Regan's obstructive use of the term "advanced" means that he and the Biden Administration will probably try to ride the "advanced biofuel" wagon right into ethanol fuel oblivion.

Brian Jennings' was also correct in stating:

    "We've got to be very persuasive and making the case my colleagues have cited (about) the lifecycle, the latest lifecycle science that suggests just your average corn ethanol is 50% cleaner than gasoline. We've got to reframe this discussion for the Biden administration and for EPA."

Ethanol doesn't need more testing or terminology rejiggering; it needs to be put into everyday high-volume use. It needs to be the mandated fuel for all internal combustion engines immediately...if not sooner!

What are those needs?

To further reduce air pollution, for one. For the health of breathing creatures, for another. To stem further injury to the brains of the same creatures, for another. For the economic well-being of all nations caught up in petroleum oil dependency. And, for those who are wont to believe that catastrophic man-made climate change is real, then there should be no greater need than the immediate mandatory use of ethanol fuel because the transition can take place IMMEDIATELY.

Electric vehicles may be the vehicles of the future...they probably will be. But the future is not tomorrow, not next year, not in five years, and not by 2035 or any other invented line-in-the-sand date declared by some politician or teenage Swedish girl.

Internal combustion engine vehicles will continue to be the primary vehicles for many, many years. Electric vehicles will not be the primary vehicles for many, many years. And even when the time may come when electric vehicles are the primary vehicles, there will still be significant need and use of ICE vehicles. Why continue to permit poisonous gasoline and diesel to be used when we don't have to?

Yet electric gets all the public buzz, and ethanol gets all the hush.

Why is this? Why is this the case? It's because the electric vehicle industry has done a very good job in hyping (and over-hyping) the electric future to consumers and consumer influencers, while the ethanol advocacy industry has done a lousy job in addressing the public.

Wake up! If you don't, then ethanol will be buried (again) far too soon, and in year 2035, or 2040, or 2050, or perhaps 2100, the oil industry will continue poisoning the world.

You could at least ask about The Auto Channel's ethanol education and awareness program...a program we call NEAT (National Ethanol Action Team). If you don't want to do it, don't do it and don't steal it. But at least learn about it before you reject it.

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