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There are so many to factors to consider before you make a decision to buy your first car. How much gas does the vehicle use? Will it be reliable? Can I take it cross-country? Will it be safe out in public? According to BeyondTheCharter, young couples quite often wonder what kind of car to buy. The whole process can leave you with a headache. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best cars for young couples. Get ready for stylish designs and reasonable prices!

Toyota Vios

Toyota are known for reliable cars with attractive designs. The Toyota Vios is no exception. The interior is comfortable, and it drives very well, even better than previous models (which is saying something!). You also won’t spend a fortune on fuel as this vehicle returns fantastic fuel economy. It’s also as quiet as a mouse, which makes it a great addition to a young couple’s life.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus might be the most well-known car on this list, thanks to its popularity with first-time drivers and experienced drivers alike. The car does not cost the earth and delivers in almost every aspect. The Focus looks modern on the road and is a solid choice to any young couple’s driveway. It handles long-distance trips very well, which means you can drop everything and head off on a romantic getaway with ease.

Honda HR-V

Our first impression of the Honda HR-V is that it is extremely spacious for such a modestly-priced vehicle – perfect for double-dating, wouldn’t you say? It’s also a very safe car, but you shouldn’t expect less from this manufacturer. They have done some stellar work on the design, making the finished product feel trendy yet minimalist. Despite being well-priced, the HR-V still costs a little extra than rival cars, but you can get them as cheap as $20,000 from the right seller.


The Japanese firm have done a stellar job with the Mazda 3, combining the sleek body with their state-of-the-art engine. The car is inconspicuous yet stylish and gets you from A-B with minimal fuss. There may be some issues with rides, but for such a reasonable price, you can buy this car and save some money for dinner dates and weekend getaways.

Chevrolet Spark

The Chevrolet Spark is the cheapest car on our list by some distance, which makes it great for young couples who don’t have the cash to spend on an expensive vehicle. There is a surprising amount of space for such a small automobile, and the handling is responsive, which is exactly what you expect from a car aimed at inexperienced drivers.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius may be the butt of the joke more often than not, but you’ll be hard-pushed to find a more reliable car. If you’re a young couple looking for a practical machine with generous running costs and extra attention to safety features, you should consider this car. You’ll be heading to your next date with safe in the knowledge that your vehicle will not let you down.

Audi A4

The Audi A4 may not be as flashy at the updated A8, but this manufacturer simply does not make a bad car. The A4 not only looks great, but it drives very well too. Handling and ride are a joy, making this an excellent vehicular companion to a young couple with an eye for beautiful cars. It may cost more than many others on the list, but it is well worth the extra pennies.

These are just seven of the best cars for young people. If you think of another vehicle, we suggest comparing reviews and figuring out the most important aspects for your needs. Remember, every car is different!

Happy shopping!