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Quebec Government Sentences Its Citizens To Death

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Presumed Good Intention Will Go Terribly Wrong

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

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"Doc" Rauch

On Monday, November 16, 2020, the Canadian province of Quebec (the country's second-most populous province) issued an official decree that will kill every living man, woman, child, and all other animals.

The decree concerns the banishment of gasoline powered-passenger cars in 2035. The decree was issued because of some misguided idea that the people of Quebec can live long enough to wait until 2035 for a serious reduction in deadly green-house-gas emissions to start taking place.

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Even they know we're
dead in just a few years

The Quebec move comes just a few weeks after California's Governor issued the same horribly reckless ban on new gasoline-powered vehicle sales in 2035. Everyone with any sense of reality knows that the effects of catastrophic man-made climate change will kill us all in only 7 to 11 years. JUST FOLLOW THE SCIENCE. Even little pre-teen Swedish school girls know this. Even the simplest elected public officials know this...WE ONLY HAVE 7 TO 11 YEARS BEFORE CALAMITY.

We can't wait 15 years to begin addressing the poisonous fumes that spew forth from gasoline-powered internal combustion engines. "Oh, the humanity that will be lost," to paraphrase the immortal words of radio journalist Herb Morrison as he described the Hindenburg zeppelin disaster in 1937... and the Hindenburg explosion only cost a poultry 36 lives (I say poultry instead of paltry because 36 lives is chicken-shit compared to the millions of lives that will be lost by the selfish, ineffective action of feckless Gavin Newsome and the provincial Quebec appaliticians. And what about the billions of people around the world that will die. Why aren't our elected people following the science?

To make matters worse, let's say that by some miracle a few million people are left alive in 15 years, what good would come from banning the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles? There would still be millions of operable gasoline-powered vehicles on the road, and there would still probably be a robust business in selling used gasoline-powered vehicles. How much longer could those survivors hope to continue breathing: two years, five years, ten years. And what kind of life will they live with all that gasping, and coughing, and gagging. It's gonna be ugly!

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If only there was a solution to the problem. Maybe I'll write a book about it. I can call it...let's see...something short, something that gives the solution right in the book's title...something like "THE ETHANOL PAPERS." Yeah, that's what I'll do!