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ATTENTION OIL INDUSTRY: California Is Banning Gasoline Powered Vehicles

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You have one chance to save yourselves and COME CLEAN

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Marc Rauch

Today, September 23, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the state will ban the sale of new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks starting in 2035.

The ban is an attempt to push the use of electric powered vehicles and supposedly reduce harmful pollution. The result of Newsom's action will undoubtedly be that other governors and states will follow along.

Aside from the fact that anything Newsom declares today about the year 2035 can be changed innumerable times between now and then, it sets in motion something that will be extremely harmful to American consumers, and deadly (economically speaking) to the petroleum oil industry.

In the first place, electric vehicles are too costly, their manufacture and use results in nearly as much harmful green house gasses, slave labor is used to mine some of the materials required for the batteries, and technology will not be ready for a full time shift to electric vehicles.

Secondly, banning new gasoline-powered vehicles in 2035 does nothing to remove the existing millions of gasoline and diesel burning vehicles on the road, both now and after 2035. A complete changeover to eliminating all gasoline/diesel vehicles will take years to accomplish. If it's so critical (and it sort of is) to reduce harmful emissions, then why the hell are they waiting 15 to 30 years? And frankly, if the entire world does not make the shift to electric at the same time, there will be no global improvement in reducing harmful pollution.

Thirdly, this action is economic disaster for the petroleum oil industry and for millions upon millions of workers and organizations who have their pension plans tied up in oil industry investments. Teachers unions, government workers unions, etc., etc., have invested up to their eyeballs in the oil industry. This news will gut (today, or at some point in the future) the value of those investments. In addition, the end of needing filling stations will devastate supportive industries such as the convenience store industry and the automotive parts industry.

Fourth, and most important, there's nothing wrong with internal combustion engines. They are fantastic machines. This kind of action will kill internal combustion engines. Among the downsides to killing internal combustion engines is that they are (and can continue to be) manufactured in America by American workers without needing China or any other country for critical parts and materials. The one really big problem with internal combustion engines is that they commonly use filthy disgusting petroleum oil fuels to power them.

The good news is that the oil industry, the convenience store industry, and all industries related to internal combustion engines can save themselves by "cleaning themselves up." They can do this by making an immediate shift to higher ethanol blend fuels. All internal combustion engine vehicles on the road right at this very minute can use much higher ethanol-gasoline blends (E30, E40, E50 and up). This would have an instant positive effect of reducing harmful emissions. Engine manufacturers can almost instantly, with no additional cost, optimize all new internal combustion engines so that they use E85 and higher blends.

The oil industry can participate in all the good news. They can retain/regain share value. They can rescue their investors. All they have to do is stop inventing and spreading lies about ethanol.

In an essay that I wrote and we published on one year ago, I lay this all out:

If gruesome Newsom was truly interested in the public's well being, if other California officials had any integrity, if the workers' unions and ancillary industries want to remain in business, they should make the switch to higher ethanol use right now!

If the public has any true desire to live in a cleaner environment they should besiege their elected officials with the demand that they insist on the use of higher ethanol blends.


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