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U.N. Predicts Disaster in 10 Years - We're All Gonna Die

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By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

According to a senior U.N. environmental official, entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if global warming trends are not reversed in ten years. "Coastal flooding and crop failures would create an exodus of 'eco-refugees,' threatening political chaos," said Noel Brown, director of the New York office of the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP).

Brown said if the warming trend continues, ?The question is will we be able to reverse the process in time? We say that within the next 10 years, given the present loads that the atmosphere has to bear, we have an opportunity to start the stabilizing process.? He added, "Even the most conservative scientists already tell us there’s nothing we can do now to stop a ... change.?

This terrifying news was released by Associated Press in a story written by Peter James Spielmann, an editor and supervisor on AP's North America desk, and a former professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. The accuracy of the claim being made was confirmed by the fact checking website

However, this report was published by AP in June 1989, and the ten year period to act would have been from that date to about the year 2000. To read the entire original report CLICK HERE.

It is now the later part of the year 2020. This exaggerated warning is one of many red herring, chicken little stories that were issued over the past century that predicted worldwide catastrophe from either global warming or cooling, or both. Examples of other "sky is falling" climate stories are:

Catastrophic man-made climate change is a hoax. My complete paper on the hoax can be read by clicking Debunking the Myth of Man-Made Global Warming.