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Ethanol-Gasoline Debate: Rauch vs. Lynch - Part 1 and Part 2


Dispelling Anti-Ethanol Lies

Marc Rauch
AUTO CENTRAL - September 18, 2019: The Auto Channel's Marc Rauch recently had the opportunity to square off directly in an online debate with energy expert Michael Lynch. Lynch is president of consultancy firm STRATEGIC ENERGY AND ECONOMIC RESEARCH, he's former Chief Energy Economist at DRI-WEFA, and author of "The Peak OIl Scare and the Coming Oil Flood."

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Michael Lynch
Mr. Lynch is a Senior Contributor at Forbes Media and a very sharp critic of ethanol. Last October, Forbes published his editorial "Put Ethanol In People, Not Gasoline." This editorial attacked Renewable Fuels Association, Growth Energy, the RFS program, and ethanol fuel in general. It is from this that Marc Rauch first came in contact with Michael Lynch.

Robert Bradley, Jr., founder/publisher of and Institute for Energy Research, and also a well known energy expert and author, offered to moderate this online debate. Part 1 of the debate was published yesterday morning on Mr. Bradley's website.

The debate, titled "Ethanol Performance: Rauch vs. Lynch" can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Part 2 has now been published and can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Coincidentally, this planned debate with Michael Lynch culminated just as Robert Rapier, yet another energy expert, was finishing his unfavorable ethanol editorial series for About two weeks ago, Marc engaged in an unplanned debate with Rapier over these editorials, which was published on website and the subject of another Rapier editorial on
(SEE: Never Bring a Rapier to an Ethanol Gunfight)

The focus of Marc's debate with Michael Lynch is different than the exchange he had with Robert Rapier, but together they represent an important milestone in confronting face-to-face the malicious lies told about ethanol. Added to this is the first part of a direct discussion/debate that Douglas Durante of Clean Fuels Development Coalition recently had with Robert Rapier. Doug did a great job replying to Rapier and all of this is proof (if proof was actually needed) that the ethanol position is the winning position.

Obviously, Lynch, Rapier and Bradley are just a small portion of the naysayers who have been lined up against ethanol, but their voices and opinions are representative of the best that Big Oil can throw against ethanol ... which is just a recitation of the misinformation invented to denigrate ethanol. History is against them. Science is against them. Real world mechanical experience is against them. The anti-ethanol industry has nothing of any substance that is negative to ethanol. They have lots of money to spread lies, but they're just lies.

Incidentally, the Durante-Rapier debate can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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For a lot more information about ethanol fuel you can read Marc's 641-page book, THE ETHANOL PAPERS. It's available to read online for free by CLICKING HERE.