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Toomey and Feinstein Set to Use Summer Recess to Raise Big Oil Campaign Donations

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By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Republican Senator Pat Toomey (PA) and Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (CA) have teamed up to perform a modern day Billy Flynn/Roxie Hart/Velma Kelly razzle-dazzle flimflam song and dance show to dismantle the Renewable Fuel Standard, in what I can only imagine to be a scheme to raise campaign donations for their respective parties.

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Yesterday, Senator Toomey visited a Monroe Energy oil refinery outside of Philadelphia - not far from where the huge oil refinery explosions took place just a few weeks ago (there's a coincidence). The reason proffered for the visit is to remove the RFS mandate, help the country's economy (I thought our economy is doing great), and replace ethanol as the renewable biofuel used by refineries and fuel blenders.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Pat Toomey, er, I mean Billy Flynn:

Meanwhile, in real life... the fact is that ethanol is cleaner, safer, more powerful, less expensive than gasoline, healthier, and it's completely domestically produced. In the hundreds of years that ethanol has been used as a fuel (yes, its use as a fuel predates the invention of the internal combustion engine) no American soldier, sailor, marine, coast guardsman, or airman ever died in any foreign war defending ethanol production.

There's a reason why ethanol is blended into gasoline.

Marc Rauch
That reason is because an oxygenate is needed to increase the octane level of gasoline so that high compression engines can function without engine knock (which robs the engine of power and the knocking can destroy the engine). In the early 1920's, while General Motors top scientists and engine designers we're searching for another way to mitigate engine knock for their new big engine cars, they invented leaded gasoline (tetraethyl lead added to gasoline). This invention was patented by GM along with partners Standard Oil and Dupont. The leaded gasoline patent earned hundreds of millions of dollars for GM. The big problem with leaded gasoline is that it's extremely poisonous. On top of gasoline's poisonous characteristics, TEL made it more poisonous. Then, because leaded gasoline is extremely corrosive, another chemical was added to the fuel to curb leaded gasoline's corrosive characteristics. This chemical is ethylene bromide. Ethylene bromide is also poisonous, So now you had a triple-poison. The oil industry spent untold amounts of money to hoodwink the public and politicians into believing that this triple-poison was not harmful, in the same way that the tobacco industry stalled efforts to reveal the true nature of smoking.

Pat Toomey is one of the politicians who would like to continue hoodwinking the public. He has teamed up with one of the Democrat politicians to make it appear as if this is a bipartisan, objective position. It's not, it's just a sleazy way to get Big Oil campaign donations. In the meantime, the result is that it's a bipartisan move designed to kill and sicken people.

The only alternative to using ethanol to mitigate engine knock would be for the oil companies to add more benzene and other so-called aromatics into the blend. Aromatics are all poison, and they cost more than ethanol.

Incidentally, outside of North America, the oil industry agrees that ethanol is cleaner, safer, more powerful, less expensive than gasoline, healthier than gasoline. I detailed this in my report "THE HYPOCRISY OF BIG OIL.".

Don't get me wrong, song and dances can be very entertaining, but we don't need any more soft shoe routines from the oil industry and their lap dummies.

If you'd like to learn more about all of this you can read my 641-page book, THE ETHANOL PAPERS. It's available to read online for FREE. You can find it by CLICKING HERE.

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