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The Auto Channel Unveiled It's GREEN NEW DEAL Plan in 2008 - It's Still The Best Idea!


Want a Green New Deal? We've got one word for 'ya: ETHANOL!

By Bob Gordon and Marc Rauch
Co-Founders and Co-Publishers

There's lots of conversation and reports the past couple of days regarding a controversial a "New Green Deal." There's different reasons for proposing this plan: Energy independence, economic security, jobs creation, health benefits, stable climate, and a cleaner environment.

The problem is the 'source' of this new plan. The plan emanates from persons who want to do more harm to America than any of the ill effects that might result from not acceding to the plan, and it's proposed by individuals who lack any bona fides to make such recommendations, let alone understand the complex issues. To make matters worse, this plan would actually cause greater harm since it would make America subservient to foreign control of materials needed to manufacture batteries, the job creation would benefit foreign workers more than American workers, the electric energy required to power the vehicles would produce more pollution, and the plan would rely on increased slave labor in Africa and other under-developed areas of the world.
                  SEE: The Human Tragedy Behind Lithium Battery Production.

By comparison, in the early summer of 2008, The Auto Channel put forth a plan that would have already put into play and accomplished virtually all of the elements and goals hoped for in the so-called "New Green Deal."

The Auto Channel introduced this plan in a paper titled "NO NEW GASOLINE-POWERED VEHICLES IN THE U.S. BY 2014...Can It Be Done?"

This paper was followed by "NO NEW GASOLINE-POWERED VEHICLES IN THE U.S. BY 2014...How It Can Be Done!"

These papers were subsequently followed by dozens and dozens of other papers and reports authored by Marc Rauch and Bob Gordon that set forth clear, decisive, and authoritative real solutions... and most of these have been republished within one massive 600-page book that's available to read for FREE and without any obligation. The solutions presented by The Auto Channel would make America and other democratic nations energy independent, provide incredible economic opportunity for the citizens of these countries, provide fantastic health benefits to all, alleviate any environment and climate concerns no matter how alarming they may be, and help to destroy enemy dictatorships that threaten our freedoms.

Most importantly, The Auto Channel's plan doesn't call for the impractical end of air travel or personal road travel, or the creation of absurd railways spanning thousands of miles of ocean, and no slave labor would be required.

We invite everyone to peruse our plan. You can spend an hour, a day, a week, a month and we believe you will become convinced that our plan is the genuine Green New Deal!

If you don't have an hour, a day, a week, a month to peruse our plan we can condense it all into one word: ETHANOL.

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